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Top 10 West Coast Vacations Spots


Thinking about having a coast vacation? West coast is the place to be with the ultimate scenic beauty, warm beaches and the most picturesque environment, who wouldn’t what to spend a weekend or two down over there? Whether it’s the most dazzling coast line of California, the marvelous Oregon coast or the beautiful Washington State, West coast is your answer for coast vacations. From lake Quinault, town of Raymond and Cape Disappointment Light of Washington State to the town of Astoria, town of Seaside, city of Tillamook of Oregon up till town of Klamath, Fort Bragg, Point Reyes National Seashore and Fort McArthur of California, your top ten West Coast Vacation spots are all here.


West Coast is rich in history and culture. From stories about world war to Spanish settlements to trading and to immigration stories it’s all there.


Lake Quinault is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole of Washington State. It is located near the Olympic national park in the glacial carved Quinault valley of the Quinault River. Perhaps the most attractive trait of the lake is that it is located near the Quinault Rain Forest which has an experience of its own. Whether you enjoy long drives along the edge of lake, hiking or even fishing which of course requires a permit from the Quinault’s, lake Quinault is the place to be for coast vacations. Moreover, a Quinault lodge is located on the southern side to provide you with the best available lodging out there. The next place to visit is the town of Raymond which is not only famous for its Northwest Carriage or Willapa Seaport museums but also for its steel structures. Some incredible craftsmanship can be seen in the face of those steel structures. If you are into wild life viewing Willapa Wildlife Refuge is the place for you. Like the Roosevelt Elk you will find many more exotic animals. Next, The town of Astoria of the Oregon provides some of the most breath taking views of the ocean where as you can enjoy a lot different kinds of festivals like the Miss Oregon pageant and Artwalk in the town of Seaside and you may even stop over at the City of Tillamook to enjoy some of the free tastings offered by its cheese factory. Lastly, town of Klamath, Fort Bragg, Point Reyes National Seashore and Fort McArthur of the California coast have attractions of their own for example the Trees of Mystery. Not only that, the West Coast has some excellent restaurants to make your stay even more enjoyable. Also there are many places which offer state of the art surfing facilities for people who have a bit of dare devil inside of them. The West Coast offers something for everyone whether you are into hiking, fishing or more of a nature’s lover you can definitely find something over there of your liking. It is one the most perfect places for family vacations.

Tips and comments

Since the West coast is prone to heavy winds and the rain comes down often and it comes down hard it is advised for you to bring a rain coat to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Moreover, you need to make sure you make your booking beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/12/2012
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Top 10 West Coast Vacations Spots. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.