An Unforgettable Vacations Experience: Granada
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An Unforgettable Vacations Experience: Granada

Published at 01/21/2012 10:52:11


An Unforgettable Vacations Experience: Granada

Grenada is a city in Spain, situated at the base of Sierra Nevada Hills. It’s one of the most populous cities of Spain. The main attraction for the tourists in Spain is the Alhambra. It is the most eminent building of Spain and is representative of Islamic traditions and cultures. Most of the Granada vacations are planned in order to see Alhambra and other unique Spanish architectures.


An Unforgettable Vacations Experience: Granada

Settlement in Granada began in the fifth century. Originally, it was called “Elibyrge”. Later the Jews used to call it “Ilbira”, while Christians called it “Elvira”. It has been the hub of many wars and conflicts. To view more of this historical city, people arrange Granada vacations.


The moment you step in Granada, you are treated as Regalias. Spain is famous for its huge elegant buildings and this tradition was initiated by the legends such as the “Ilberians”, then by the Umayyad Dynasty and also by the Renaissance architecture. This is one of the reasons that the hotels of Spain attract the tourists because of their architecture. The best hotels of Granada are Santa Isabel La real, Carmen Dela Allubilla, Hotel Casa 1800, and Suites Gran via 44 and the Hotel Las Almenas. Santa Isabel La Real is the number one ranked hotel out of 138 hotels in Granada. It has a romantic and cozy aura about it.  The bedrooms and attached bathrooms are resplendent. The cuisine is divine and everything is worth the expenses. Carmen Dela Allubila is also a perfect host. Sparkling clean and welcoming, this hotel has been ranked as number two out of 138 hotels. The main attraction of this hotel is that Alhambra can be viewed from the balcony. Other than that the staff is efficient and friendly. There is only one way to describe Hotel Casa 1800: it is magnificent and bewitching. You just can’t gent enough of this hotel. The Spanish-Moroccan style architecture, the cuisine and outdoor activities make you feel as if you are in a daze. Most of the people don’t like to stay away from home but after a stay at Suites Gran via 44. You wouldn’t want to go back home. The suites dazzle your minds. The view from every room is picturesque. And the good thing about this place is that the staff makes you feel as if nothing matters except you. Through their Spanish hospitality, the Hotel Las Almenas will woo your hearts. The service, bedrooms, cuisine, everything is worth your time and money. Then there are zillion of place to go to if you are in Granada. One of them is Alhambra which is commemorated as the “Memory Heritage Site”.  Other than this there is “The General Life”. It is a huge garden linked to the Alhambra which was used by the kings of Granada for recreational purposes. The garden has been built tastefully.  The main cathedral of Granada is situated in the centre of Granada. There is a “Royal Chapel” which attracts many tourists. “Al Bayzin” is also known for its remarkable landscapes. “Sacromonte” is one of the most vibrant places in Granada and is known as the “land of gypsies”. The parks and gardens of Granada are also very popular and are ideal for Granada vacations. Some of these parks are Zaidin Park, Gardens of Violin, Gardens f the Triumph, and Gardens of the Royal Hospital.

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Therefore, if you are planning for Granada vacations, the only thing you need to have is a lot of bucks and money. And don’t forget to take the camera with you.