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Trinidad And Tobago - 5 Top Tips For A Great Caribbean Vacations


Trinidad and Tobago is a state in the south of Caribbean. It is known because of its beauty and serenity and also because of its booming industries of petroleum and petrochemicals. Trinidad and Tobago are basically the two islands of the Republic of Tobago and Trinidad. Because of their lush greenery and rivers they get the tourist attention. And this also the reason for the increasing Trinidad vacations arranged by the people to view an amazing and a serene place.


It is believed that Trinidad was the first established area of Caribbean. Later Tobago was joined with Trinidad and made into a colony. Tobago got its name from ‘tobacco’ which was produced by Dutch and Courlanders in 16th and 17th century. To learn more about these islands people plan for Trinidad vacations.


The best hotels of Trinidad and Tobago are Hyatt Regency, Courtyard by Marriott and Coco Reef Tobago. The Hyatt regency is the best hotel in Trinidad and Tobago. The environment is cozy and comfortable and has that fairy tale like charm about it. The suites, food and the staff are incredible. Courtyard by Marriott is famous because of its ideal location. Even the views from every room are beautiful.  Coco Reef in Tobago is the best hotel after the Courtyard and Hyatt. The main attraction in Coco Reef is the private beach. Most of the families are so captivated by it that they don’t get out of the hotel for days because, according to them, everything is available inside the hotel. The attractions in Trinidad and Tobago include watching the Carnival, Bucco Reef, Maracas Beach and Pitch Lake. Besides these there are Botanical gardens, Nariva and Bush Wildlife. Botanical Gardens is all about biodiversity; forests, animals and plants. The beaches of Trinidad and Tobago are exquisite but don’t spend your time in here by only sitting on the beaches. A visit to the Carnival is a must because Trinidad’s and Tobago’s carnival destinations the best in the world after New Orleans. If you are in Trinidad and Tobago, then tours to Englishman Bay, Caroni Bird Sanctuary and Island Girl Catamaran are a must. The best restaurants over here are La Cantina, Salsa Kitchen Restaurant and La Tartaruga, which is in Italian restaurant but sill one of the best. If you are planning for Trinidad vacations then it is a must that you have strong taste buds.  Most of the population of Trinidad is Indian and it would be great if you would have some know how of the language. Another tip important for Trinidad vacations is to pack a good pair of sneakers because over here you just have to walk and walk and remember to take a good sunscreen with you because there is always a danger of getting sunburned.

Tips and comments

So if you are planning for Trinidad vacations it is important to keep in mind the weather in which you’ll be taking a trip because the weather over there is quite unpredictable. But other than that, if you have plenty of time and money, a good time is guaranteed.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/13/2012
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Trinidad And Tobago - 5 Top Tips For A Great Caribbean Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.