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Wilderness Safari Vacations! Its sound is enough to make you want to plan a safari vacation this year. Safari vacations can be the best option for those of you who want to unleash their adventurous spirits and spend an enthralling sporty holiday. The ideal option for you is to travel with Vacations Club. Getting a membership of a Vacation Club will serve you well in the long run. This precisely means subscribing yourself to a ‘per-planned’ vacation. What could be more exciting than going on a pre-planned vacation and that to a wild safari vacation in Africa!


The idea of Vacations Club has been in the field of holiday-making for as long as people have felt the need of having planned vacations. Vacations Club provides you with a chance to avoid all that extra hassle that you may have to go through every time you plan a vacation. By joining a Vacations Club you can now have different destinations to explore every time and when you talk about your desire to undertake a wilderness safari vacation, the idea of a Vacations Club can just be the right choice for you to fulfill your dream vacation as it is sure to add more to your adventure-quotient!


The question that comes to mind then is: Why join a Vacations Club? Why not hire any other holiday planner and set out on a vacation? Well then a Vacations Club has a lot to offer its clients in terms of having some of the best features. Becoming a member of one of the Vacations Club not only entails having a part of your holiday planned, instead it also lavishes its members with additional benefits and special discounts. When you plan a wilderness safari vacation with Vacations Club, you may be fully sure of enjoying a complete family vacation that not only you will look forward to but your kids will also love this experience. These family safari adventures are planned in a manner best suited to family interests as Vacations Club makes sure that there is less of drive time and more of on land explorative walks that will give you the true flavor of the African land. When travelling with Vacations Club, you are provided a fully trained ranger guide who makes sure you enjoy the beauty of the African wilderness in absolute safety. Apart from arranging for your flights and your accommodations, Vacations Club gives you special discounts when going with our expert guides on game drives, game tracking or even walks around the safari parks. Also, if you are looking for amazing discounts on your food costs, then rest assured that not only will you get some of the best available deals but also the best food cuisines that will want you to continue eating. An additional feature that Vacations Club offer are for all those shutterbugs out there who love the camera. We take you on a wilderness safari adventure where you will be taken to special campsites and other national safari parks which are safe places to click pictures with all those beautiful animals and African rare species.

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Vacations Club also gives you a complete manual that guides you through your safari experience and provides some useful tips that always come in handy for all our enthusiastic safari vacationers. So, get hold of this guide and pack your safari suits, shades, best walking shoes and most importantly your spirit and verve of adventure. The people who have tried Vacations Club’s safari packages call it an experience to remember and highly recommend travelling with Vacations Club.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/16/2012
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Join The Club For Wilderness Safari Vacations! . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.