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Quick Tips To Your Cheap London Vacations

Published at 01/14/2012 08:12:02


The huge, noisy city of London attracts many people over for cheap London vacations. It is the capital of England and a mega polis of United States. It attracts people for cheap London vacations because of its night life, sight seeing, restaurants, hotels and the cheap packages provided for the visitors by many airlines and hotels.


The city of London existed way before the Roman times. It is really old and has many old buildings. The city offers people with cheap London vacations in order to increase its tourism industry and thus, increase the annual GDP of the country.


Since the currency of London is the most expensive currency in the entire world so obviously the transport service is also expensive. But it depends on where you are from and how much value the currency of your country holds. The locals are of the opinion that if you travel by train then it’s really cheap. There are many landmarks that one has to see while on a vacation to London. Among these landmarks, the most famous one is the Buckingham palace which is the official residence of the Queen. Along with that are the St Paul’s cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, the famous Marble Arch and many more. These places have really low priced tickets for the visitors. One must also not forget the famous museums and art galleries which represent the art of many famous English and Roman artists. The city of London has one of the most beautiful parks of the world, for example, the Hyde Park. Each park has many sections with lakes and animals to amuse the visitors. The Bushy Park and the Richmond Park are the most famous parks of London. The Bushy Park is said to be the second largest park of the world and is located near the Hampton palace, while the Richmond Park has one of the largest green space. All these parks have charming gardens and beautifully trimmed bushes and properly planted trees and plants. While you are in London, don’t forget to witness the Blue Plague celebrations, because it is an event that is celebrated every year to remember London’s heritage and represent the English culture and the royal traditions. Theatres and live music performances also take place in London a lot. These events are a display of the English literature and attract many people. The tickets of theatres and musical events are of a fixed price for everyone whether you are a visitor or a local. The city of London is also famous for being the most fashion conscious city of the world. And so it is full of designer shops and malls. There are specific streets that have cheaply priced products. There is lain London that copies the designs of various brands and makes a fake product that looks exactly the same and sells them at a much cheaper and affordable price. In London food is really cheap priced. You can find good food in restaurants, food streets and shops at a very cheap price because the tax is not included on eatables. And of course, the hotels provide cheap rental facilities for visitors so they can enjoy their cheap London vacations.

Tips and comments

When you go for cheap London vacations obviously you will be on budget and so you must always spend your money wisely and try to avoid lots of shopping. Other than that, enjoy the vacation to the fullest.