Affordable Family Resorts For   Morocco Vacations
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Affordable Family Resorts For Morocco Vacations

Published at 01/14/2012 08:09:31


Affordable Family Resorts For   Morocco Vacations

Morocco is an African city situated towards the North of Africa, its coast lining with both, the Atlantic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The rich, cultured Arabic country attracts visitors for Morocco vacations. It’s not only the culture that attracts people but also the cheaply priced resorts that lure people from various parts of the world to Morocco vacations. Once you are there, there are many adventures that come your way.


Affordable Family Resorts For   Morocco Vacations

The country of Morocco was under the French rule for quite a while but in early 1900s, it got independent. Over the years, Morocco annexed a part of Western Sahara as well. The large area is an added attraction for people to go for Morocco vacations.


Affordable Family Resorts For   Morocco Vacations

The country of Morocco is an Arabic, Muslim country with a very rich and vibrant culture. There are many events that visitors want to see. The main reason behind Morocco vacations for most tourists is to witness the unique Muslim events. One of these events includes the month of Ramadan which is a Holy month for the Muslims in which they fast as a means of worship. During this Holy month all the shops that sell food are closed till a specific time and when it’s time to eat or break the fast, the whole country brightens with light and offers all kinds of food. The fruit, date is sold the most and sometimes even given for free. It is said that when you go to visit a Moroccan family, they serve you dates as a symbol of respect and to show that they welcome you in their home. It also said that the Moroccan cuisine has a lot of repute in the whole world. There are various colonial and Arabic dishes that are offered at Moroccan restaurants. Their specialties include the sweet layered dish called Pastilla, corn cobs and a special type of chicken sandwich which is really heavy. When you go to Morocco, the best gift to bring back home is dates, since this fruit has a lot of importance in the Moroccan world. Even though Morocco is a Muslim country and it is said that drinking is illegal in Islam, you will find many hotels that offer alcohol and even have bars in them which sell all kinds of alcohol. When it comes to where to stay for the vacation, one must prefer going to Auberges which is present in the rural areas and represents the true Moroccan culture. If one wants to stay in the countryside for the vacation period then there is a place called Gites d’etape which is also very good for tourists and shows the true colors of the Moroccan culture since it’s built in that style.

Tips and comments

While you are on Morocco vacations, you must try to be safe for the rest of your vacation. One must never drink while driving because it’s illegal there. They also greet the other person with the right hand rather than the left because greeting with the felt hand is considered disrespectful and people might not even talk to you if you do so. Other than that the place is safe for one to enjoy one’s vacation.