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Delhi Vacations On A Budget - Hotel Stays An Hour Away From Home


Have you wanted to go on a vacation for a while now? Is Budget a concern? Many vacations can be costly but if you do your research beforehand, one can have a good holiday while keeping it light on your wallets. India has become a major tourist spot, not only because of its culture and history also because of the great tourist facilities they provide. Out of all Delhi is one of the main tourist hubs in India, as Delhi is famous for its many budget hotels, including the illustrious Chanchal Hotel Group.


Delhi’s history is as ostentatious as the city itself. It was not since its commencement that Delhi got the title of a principal city. However, the premeditated setting, Delhi was always marked amid the important cities of India. Rumor has it, that the city was founded during 1450 BC, at the location of the ancient Fort, as the grand citadel of Indraprastha. Delhi’s past can take us further into the city Siri constructed in 1304 AD, by Allaudin Khilji in the where abouts of Hauz Khan and Gulmohar Park. Delhi was the epicenter of the first independence war of 1857. New Delhi can be cited in the 1920s; in 1911 it was certain that the seats of power should be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in Delhi Dubar, The complete zone of Connaught Palace and Rajpath came into presence then only. The entire history of delhi can be seen in the reminiscence of the 3 gates of Quila Rai to the ruins of Tughlaqabad. The monuments are a prodigious aide-mémoire of the history as they stance conceitedly on its soil.


The most celebrated budget hotel chain of India is the Chanchal Hotels Group. This group has been famous for providing comfortable stays and amazing services for about 10 years. If you are planning a vacation for Delhi this is something you should look into. The travelers are facilitated with free airport pick up if you plan on taking the deluxe, executive or premium suite. The guests also get the welfares of many discount offers all year round. The motto of the Group is “to provide homely comfort while keeping a low cost”. The company is known to help foreigners in finding the right hotel that fits to their budgets. Most of the hotels are located in central locations and close to airports and railway stations, making it easier to travel with in the city an out as well.

Tips and comments

When going on a vacation one need to preserve a few very vital things in concentration mainly put everything sideways and preserve the vacation in mind. Your attention should be fully fixated on the trip and briefly try to disremember the trauma and reservations. Keep a strident look out for your passports, air tickets and wallets. As losing anyone of the following will devastate your vacation. Grab onto a respectable camera and photograph every single location to savor the memories for a lifespan. Also keep a close watch for pick pockets they lurk in the shadows. Have fun in Delhi.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/13/2012
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Delhi Vacations On A Budget - Hotel Stays An Hour Away From Home. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.