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Why Are The Cheap All Inclusive Vacations So Expensive?


Vacations are one thing that everyone enjoys and most families or couples love to travel the world and see which the next great place that they can discover is. At such situations, needless to say expenses are very important. For you to travel the world or even travel frequently money is obviously required and if you are not a big spender then these kinds of vacations might not be the answer for you; unless if you choose to look for inclusive cheap vacations or simply ask your agent to book you in cheap all inclusive vacation package.


Inclusive cheap vacations have been around for ages and it was introduced as a way for people to cut down on their expenses in one way or the other by getting a bulk booking for everything that they would need on a vacation. Interestingly enough, the first model for all inclusive cheap vacations was made back in the 1950’s at a place called Club Med. It was founded by a man called Gerald Blitz and initially Club Med was made to be a socialist camp, non-profit too. However, they soon dropped that status and became a safe haven for vacationers and people who wanted to escape from the daily grind of life’s monotonies. Soon after, many resorts also started following this trend and started to make all inclusive packages with features that the resort had to offer to its clients such as spas, saunas, scuba diving and much more.


Inclusive cheap vacations typically contain a package that has your accommodation arrangements, such as a hotel, all transfers, and meals, including drinks, activities, tips, gyms, scuba diving or whatever the place you have travelled to specialize in. Other things not included in inclusive cheap vacations packages are your airfare, tours, spas and saunas and expensive brands of alcohol. Many people seem to think these packages are actually quite expensive. This is because inclusive cheap vacations will include all your necessary amenities once you land, in a limited budget. This is not an easy task and you should consider the fact that different companies will give you different price quotes.

Tips and comments

A good idea would be to ask your travel agent to help you go through various inclusive cheap vacations and then select the best one with you. That way, you have more options. If you are still not comfortable, then simply sit down and make a total of all your expenses that you could possibly incur on your vacation and tally that amount with the price of your inclusive cheap vacations. This will bring you closure and of course a better understanding of what and how travel agencies and booking agents work. The price may seem initially high to you but you always need to know that all inclusive packages contain a lot more than just hotel fare. It is a good idea to research online as well and make sure you have looked at different companies regarding their offers. You can then choose the one which suits you the most.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/13/2012
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Why Are The Cheap All Inclusive Vacations So Expensive?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.