Jamaica Vacations - The Best Choice
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Jamaica Vacations - The Best Choice

Published at 01/13/2012 12:23:58


Jamaica Vacations - The Best Choice

Jamaica is one of the most wonderful islands of the Caribbean. Its rich culture, warm weather and beautiful people attract many vacationers all year round. The fact that Jamaica has to offer a plethora of beaches further enhances its attraction as a potential vacation spot. The sheer beauty of the island makes a person come back here to feast the eyes and the soul. It has mountains, jungles and beaches, all in the same country where travelling from one city to the other does not take long.


There are many places to visit in Jamaica, most of them located in the main cities: Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Kingston apart from  being the capital of Jamaica is also the cultural and economic hub of the country. Devon House Heritage is one of the oldest buildings situated in the island hosting antiques. There are other sites such as National Gallery of Arts, Bob Marley Museum and the Lime Cay Beach. Rockfort Mineral Bath is a naturally occurring spring made by an earthquake in 1907 and is a must visit. It offers relaxing activities such as spa, massages and Jacuzzis. Ocho Rios is famous for its beaches. The most visited historical sites in the area are Annandale Great house (built in 1760), Green Grotto Caves (a safe haven for slaves) and Golden Eye (house of Ian Fleming where he created his magnum opus,  James Bond novels). Other sites worth seeing are the Bob Marley Mausoleum, Dunn’s River Falls and Coyaba River Garden and Museum. If you are over 18 years, you can also take a city tour on Chukka Cove Zion’s Bus Line. Montego Bay or Mo Bay is well-known all over the world for its water sport facilities and other such things. Greenwood Great House is another one of the many plantation houses on the island and is a treat to see. Fort Montego, Rockland Bird Feeding Station, Bob Marley Experience Theatre and the Marine Park are other places you would want to check out.


There are other equally beautiful but less known cities in Jamaica as well such as Negril, Port Antonio and the endless line of the most magnificent beaches for a quiet yet serene vacation. Cheap accommodations are very easy to find. There are also five-star hotels with presidential suites. The spicy Jamaican cuisine is also delicious and although you will find continental foods, trying the local cuisine is a must. Once in Jamaica, there are certain places you must go to including Pelican Bar, Black River Great Morass, Cockpit Country, Falmouth, Rio Grande, Blue Mountain Peak and Boston Bay. You will want to devour the exquisite beauty of the place with its lush green landscape. Activities that are offered in Jamaica are river rafting, waterfall climbing, horse-riding, deep sea fishing, ATV safari, Canopi tour, Catamaran cruise, mountain biking and other such expeditions.

Tips and comments

It rains heavily in Jamaica through May/June till November/December while the hurricane season also falls around the same period. The peak season hence, for Jamaica is December to April so plan your vacations accordingly. Although it is warm all year round, it would be suitable to bring a light sweater if you plan on visiting in the winters. A sun block lotion and/or hats are recommended because of the tropical climate with a blazing sun.