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Air Travel And Luxury Vacations - How Airlines Works

Published at 01/13/2012 20:01:13


Luxury vacations have been observed to have a continuous upward trend now a days. The income of an average person can also afford him and his family a vacation which is luxurious to them and nowadays people are earning above average income so you can very well guess that most people can afford luxury vacations. For the convenience of people the owners of vacation resorts have offered the facility of booking online or making online reservations. This has further enhanced the business of airlines as they have also started selling air tickets over the internet which has in turn prompted many people to go on vacations as it will now be easier and convenient.


Air Travel And Luxury Vacations - How Airlines Works

When you are buying a ticket online you pay what you are asked to pay without noticing anything else as you are in hurry to go on your vacation and for that you need the tickets. In reality the amount you pay online is a lot more than you would have paid had you bought the ticket from your travel agency. Airlines spend a lot on advertisements that convince the public to buy their tickets online. People who travel a lot for business purposes and people who choose luxury vacations do not care whatever the airfare is, they just pay it and here is where the airlines benefit. They charge those customers more who want the tickets at early dates and the customers pay that amount because they have no other choice. The airlines keep changing the prices at daily basis and threat the people by setting last dates and that is how they make people pay a lot more than the actual price of a ticket.


Air Travel And Luxury Vacations - How Airlines Works

The airlines take advantage of your being in a hurry. By changing prices on a daily basis they make their customers who are in a hurry pay more than the actual price of the ticket. The most they make from is the last minute tickets. They increase their value addition to high levels on the last minute tickets and people do not have any other choice then buying it. By changing prices people get to know the trend of the variation in prices and they buy the tickets which are the cheapest before prices go up again but in actual that cheap rate is not cheap, it is just the lowest as compared to the other rates but very high as compared to the actual price of the ticket when bought from the travel agencies. The desperate travelers will pay that amount as he has no other choice. This gives the vacation airlines exactly what they want.

Tips and comments

The best way to save money and not end up in a mess is to contact your local travel agency or call the airlines directly for information and booking or reservations. The travel agencies will charge you a small fee but in the end after you have even paid for the ticket you will see that the total expense was less than the amount the airlines were charging online. Make your seat reservations earlier and do not pay what you are not entitled to pay.