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Copenhagen Vacations - Where To Go And Stay

Published at 01/13/2012 19:11:32


Thinking of visiting Denmark? Why not choose Copenhagen vacations for your next stop, the place which houses one of the happiest people in the whole world. From exquisite architecture to mouth watering delicacies up till the most amazing shopping experiences that you will ever have, Copenhagen vacations offers all this and much more. It will take you on a voyage which you will not only remember for the rest of your life but it will also leave you wanting for more.


Copenhagen Vacations - Where To Go And Stay

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is located on the eastern shore of the Island of Zealand. Over the years it has transformed into an economic hub of art, architecture, music and what not. Whether you are a nature’s lover, an art enthusiast, a food aficionado or a just a couple looking to spend their honeymoon, Copenhagen vacations is the place for you!


Copenhagen Vacations - Where To Go And Stay

If you are looking to experience some of the most epic architectural designs in the history of the planet Earth, you should visit the Rosenborg Castle which was built by the Danish King Christian IV and has a story of its own. At first it housed the royal family however later it was turned into a museum which contains objects associated to the Danish Royal family. Moreover, The Round Tower, The Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen which has one of the most amazing collections of living plants and the Marble Church also known as Frederik’s Church also deserve a stopover. Copenhagen vacations also offer state of the art tours. Whether its bicycle tours or running tours, you can experience Copenhagen in whatever way you choose. Complete with a tour guide they show you all the attractions that this incredible city has to offer. The Tivoli Gardens which is a must see spot in the centre of the city is an amusement park which offers a wide variety of things ranging from rides, concert halls, The pantomime theatre, The Tivoli Boys Guard and the Rythmical music. Furthermore, if you are visiting Copenhagen in summers, you just have to visit the New Harbor (Nyhavn) which not only has amazing waters but also a lot of historic sites that you can visit. If you are looking for an amazing shopping experience you should visit the Strøget which has a wide range of shops depending on your budget. Not only that, Copenhagen has a lot of scenic beauty which is not only great for photography but it also makes your stay more relaxing. Lastly, Copenhagen has some of the most exquisite cuisines which will definitely make your stay even more enjoyable.

Tips and comments

Since Copenhagen is home to mass tourism, you need to make sure you make your reservations before time to avoid any inconvenience. It is also very crowded all year round because of tourism so if you are looking for a quite vacation you might want to re think your options. Also, Copenhagen is little more expensive relative to the other cities of Europe so you might want to keep your budget in check before paying a visit.