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Mmaui Vacations Aren't What You Think?


Maui is one of the Islands of Hawaii that is included in the United States. It is said that it is one of the largest islands of the world and attracts several people from all across the globe to Maui vacations. The island of Maui has many resorts near the beach that are really good and people like going to these places because they are cheap and offer good food and services. Maui vacations are an attraction to many people for a lot of reasons.


Maui vacations mostly attract tourists during the season of holiday. There are many people who came for a vacation for the sake of the beach and Maui provides with exotic beaches and exquisite scenery.


When one comes on Maui vacations there are many things to do and several places to go to. People go there through plane since it is an island. The vehicle service is also very cheap and many parts of the island cannot be reached because by a bus so other transport services like boat, plane, etc are used to travel. This makes it nothing like your usual island vacation but much more adventurous. The place has many resorts and hotels near the beach. These resorts offer cheap rental services and also many kinds of packages for the visitors in order to attract more visitors. The island has many eating places which are small and are just like a shack. They offer food that is sometimes very greasy and over-priced. The restaurants, on the other hand, provide with food that is actually good and delicious and worth the price that is paid. The price is generally not that high. It is affordable for the visitors and the locals. The kind of food that is served is obviously local and apart from the local food, seafood, Chinese and Italian cuisines are also served in these hotels. There are also parks in this island to see but they are not large in number. There is the state monument, the sandy beaches and the national park which are a must see while you are on a vacation. In these few parks that are present in this island, there are trails built for hiking and this is an attraction for the visitors who come from other places. There are also many luaus in the island which offer buffet dinner along with singing and dancing. Mountain biking is also practiced there by the locals at some parks since they have many trails there, for example, the Makaowo State Forest. The island is full of lush greenery and many waterfalls which are seen while you are on a long drive.

Tips and comments

The Maui vacations are fun but one must keep their budgets in mind while they are there. If you go there, then you should be careful about your belongings, even though the crime rate is not very high. Maui provides with the perfect relaxing spot for vacations whether you want to go with your family or without. It doesn’t goad you like the rest of the islands. The serene atmosphere needs no advertisement and is an attraction on its own.

By Amara, published at 01/22/2012
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Mmaui Vacations Aren't What You Think?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.