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Why You'll Fall In Love With Your Nassau, Bahamas Vacations


The Islands of the Bahamas! A heaven, beautiful place to spend your vacations. You can meet the real beauty of nature here. The islands of this place show the real beauty, and it’s probably different from what you expect Bahamas to be. In the Island you can experience the unique island adventure especially when it comes to Nassau vacations. You can explore some of the natural, authentic and stunning places here. Nassau vacations are sure to quench all your adventurous thirst.


Until the Bahamas gained the full independence in 1973, it was a British colony. So people over here usually speak English, as it is their language. The bohemian dollar and the US dollar are equal and they are accepted everywhere in the Bahamas. So before going to this place you should not worry about the language. The people living here are very friendly they welcome you to your Nassau vacations very charmingly.


Natural , wonderful and modernized, the Nassau Island is a bohemian island. There are many reasons to spend this precious time of your holiday in the Nassau, Bahamas, the most beautiful, white powdered, sand beaches with the clearest water you can ever find. You can find many short and nonstop flights which can take you to your Nassau vacations. If you are living in Florida there is an advantage for you because this place is very near to Florida. It offers a truly international vacation experience, with a unique blend of its cultures. This place is filled with colors which reflect the influences of West Africa, Spain and England. You have so many amazing choices in this island from luxury hotel to the small hotels and everything in between so thinking of a place to stay at on your vacations won’t be a problem. This also depends on your budget; if you want to go for a lavishing resort you have plenty of options and if not, then small hotel are not bad either. The beautiful crystal clear water can make your vacations the most perfect ones ever. You can shop, relax on a beach or some cafeteria or just lie down on the sand with the beautiful sun on top of you. The best part of this island is that you can explore it, from dolphins to sharks, you find it all in this island. You can also go to the zoo and find some really colorful creatures here, or the tropical bloom. The architecture of this place is well known and the beautiful small houses will definitely remind you of some old movie. The food of this place is really good. You get a variety from continental to beach side cafes which serve delicious fried fish and much more. Everything is available here.

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The Nassau Island is one of the most beautiful places of the world with the beauty of nature. After visiting this island, you feel yourself very close to nature. The shopping malls, the beach, resorts and the people, everything is perfect about this island. Then who will miss a chance to go for Nassau vacations? It’s just like being in Heaven.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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Why You'll Fall In Love With Your Nassau, Bahamas Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.