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Are you planning for the amazing Holland vacations? Then, go online, search for hotels, tips, restaurants and everything else so that you can get in and out of the country without bankrupting yourself. Well although it’s a hard thing to do considering all that this great nation has to offer, this article is going to help you and give you tips on when to go, where to shop, where to stay and how to move around so you can enjoy your Holland vacations.


Firstly, how are you going to get there? As we all know the worst time to be going on a vacation anywhere is the summer with all the hiked up prices of airline tickets, hotels, restaurants and the crowd. For Holland vacations, it’s the same. The best time to visit the country is in winter and also autumn. You’ll see that accommodation prices are nearly less than half in October or January than they would be in July. So you just saved a bucket load of money here but of course, this option isn’t convenient for everyone. For those travelling in summers, always book your ticket at least 6-7 months in advance. You’ll get great prices and discounts then and you can even look for holiday packages from your agents. Anything is best priced when least needed, so keeping that in mind, you can plan your trip in advance. Look for hotels online. To jack up sale, hotels market themselves online with good discounts to attract customers. Secondly, limit the cities you want to visit. Amsterdam, the capital is a must see place and you should spend most of your time here as it is the heart of the rich and authentic culture of Holland. Plus, it has a pretty rocking nightlife 365 days a year. Along with this, add the city of Utrecht to your list as it’s well known for preserving most of its medieval structures. And finally, if you’re interested in visiting the countryside and large green scenery with windmills, you can choose from Kinderdijk, waterland and Zaan Regions. Another great city is Leiden which houses the oldest University in the country and many museums. So choose only a number of cities as most of what you’ll see will be very common in all cities. Amsterdam and Utretch are a must see.


Cycling is the most popular way to get around in Amsterdam, to enjoy the great canal city. Walking is always a healthier option plus you’ll be able to stroll and explore sites more openly that you find intriguing. Book your train tickets 3-6 months in advance as they offer exceptionally good discounts. You can also use some of the tourist boats and buses that are also cheap. Remember, you have got to save money on transport and living expenses if you want to enjoy your Holland vacations. No holiday is complete without a little shopping. Save most of your shopping money for Amsterdam as they have great flea markets and shops. Areas such as Nieuwedijk and Kalverstraat are basically long streets of shops with no car or bus traffic. Amsterdam also hosts weekly markets which offer you a number of cheap and used item stalls but if you’re looking for a bargain, then you must visit Dapper Market which is best known for offering food, clothes, souvenirs and more under Euro 1. Utrecht is also has some interesting antique and souvenir shops.

Tips and comments

Finally, to save money on your Holland vacations choose wisely the places where you want to eat. Holland, especially Amsterdam, is quiet famous for student backpack travelers so a lot of establishments like Maoz and Febo cater to their cheap needs. You can surely join the party. Also save money for dinner at gourmet restaurants by eating there just once or twice a week. You can also survive by carrying your very own lunch box by taking a trip to the nearest farmers market and wiping up your own food.

By Amara, published at 01/22/2012
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