How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Vacations To Switzerland
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How To Save Money & Have Fun On Vacations To Switzerland

Published at 01/22/2012 17:57:37


How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Vacations To Switzerland

Vacations to Switzerland is what most of us dream about. The romantic weather, the white snow, an amazing skiing experience, giant mountains and a nice cup of warm coffee at the balcony, the Swiss Alps are legendary amongst skiers. But Switzerland is not cheap. It’s one of the most expensive vacations you can go in summer or winter. In winter majority of the tourists are skiers and honeymooners to enjoy the white snow. In summers, vacations to Switzerland offer great hiking, camping and relaxing activities. So they have a good all year round action.


How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Vacations To Switzerland

So how do you enjoy your vacations to Switzerland without breaking the bank? Here are some simple tips to help you along the way. The main question is not where to go for vacation but when? Going to the Swiss Alps will be much cheaper off-season than during the main rush. Like in winter during January or February after Christmas and new years when everyone is going back home from vacations prices of airline tickets, hotels and facilities tend to fall. Also always book your hotels online. In order to really rig in the customers, hotel operators run sales online with discounts up to 60%. Also when choosing the right accommodation, look for what suits you best. Sometimes renting apartments is much better than staying at hotels. Apartments near tourist areas are just as much convenient and much cheaper and you have the option of cooking your own meals in your very own kitchen. You can save nearly CHF 140(Swiss Franc) a week this way or if you prefer the hotels, giving up a terrace view can save you a bundle as well.


How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Vacations To Switzerland

In Switzerland children and kids travel for free in buses and train so opting for a private car or taxi won’t be so economical. Sometimes, adults can even travel for free if they have the Swiss Pass. This is going to keep you from spending too much money on moving around. If you go by the Swiss Half Card you pay only half of the fare of the cable and railway cars. Similarly, save these rail passes as in Switzerland you can visit museums and parks for free with these passes. Sometimes you don’t even need to use busses and cable cars to reach your destination. Plan a hike and you will be rewarded with great and inspiring views above the mountains. Also if you’re planning a camping trip on your vacations to Switzerland, then check out of the hotel and store all your necessary belongings in locker facilities in hotels and towns. You’ll save a lot by spending less but remember to keep your room reserved for after you come back from your trip.

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Finally if you’re renting apartments, cook your own meals. Visit the nearest farmers markets, super stores like ALDI to get your weekly grocery. Just fuel on fibers and avoid junk food, you need energy on your vacations to Switzerland and need to avoid getting sick. If you’re eating out, choose cafés and restaurants with inexpensive menus. Tap water is very clean and you can save a bunch instead of buying bottled water.