Albania Vacations In The Heart Of The Mediterranean
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Albania Vacations In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

Published at 01/19/2012 22:48:18


Albania Vacations In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

Albania is a small but beautiful country in Europe. The main feature of this country, which attracts tourists, is its geographical location; Albania is located right in the heart of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Sea is almost completely enclosed by land and touches many European countries including Albania. Albania vacations are all about catching a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying the European environment of living. Although the whole country is worth exploring, there are some places that are a must-see during your Albania vacations.


Albania Vacations In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

In the past, Albania was an isolated country. It was declared to be a communist country and was not developing at the same pace as other western European countries. However, as time passed, communism was abolished and democracy was introduced. Although the country is still struggling a bit with its political and economic structure, it has introduced some free-market reforms to increase consumer control and to attract foreign investors. Therefore, Albania vacations would give the tourists a chance to witness a small part of the workings of a developing country.


Albania Vacations In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

There are many places that tourists can visit during their Albania vacations. On the top of the list comes the Kalaja Fortress in the capital of Albania. This fortress serves as a reminder of the ancient times, the time before Albania was founded. The next destination for the tourists should be the city of Berat. It’s a very historical city whose architecture and culture is worth experiencing. This city also has a castle of its own. The Dhermiu village is also very popular due to its location between beautiful mountains and the Ionian Sea. The breath-taking landscapes, the warm beaches and the peace, shadowing this village, makes a tourist fall in love with this place. Moreover, history lovers can go visit the Corinthian city of Apollonia, which showcases the ruins and remains of a theatre and a temple. It is a famous archaeological site and visited by many every year. The majority of the people in Albania are Muslims and so vacations in Albania would give the tourists a chance to explore their religion and their culture. The Et'hem Beu Mosque in Tirana was built by Mulla Beu and is a reflection of the Muslim architecture and their worshiping practices. There is also Mount Dajt in Tirana which is a tourist’s attraction as it gives a great view of the city. Other than that, Kruje is an ancient city which offers tourists the chance to shop while giving them a traditional, old-style marketplace experience. Also, Shkodra is a city which is considered the cultural hub of Albania. The city has a lot of achievements to its name like the first theatre in Albania, the first football match and cyclic race; it even has a castle of its own together with a famous mosque and cathedral. Tourists coming to Albania can also tour the Lura National Park with its mesmerizing mountains, meadows and lakes.

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Thus, Albania vacations will surely provide the tourists with an unforgettable experience of exploration, education and fun. They would give the chance to tourists to take part in all the vacation activities they had dreamed of.


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