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Every year millions of people go for vacations just to get out of their monotonous life, also so that they can have some experiences and something to talk about. Malawi is a beautiful country with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Every year a lot of tourists come to Malawi for a vacation. Malawi vacations offer great scenery, interesting parks, some of the friendliest villagers in Africa and a unique wildlife. If you are interested in experiencing the culture of Africa, Malawi vacations are perfect for this as they will help you experience the pure culture of Africa. Even though it’s a small country, it offers lots to do and plenty to see.


Malawi is one of the landlocked countries of Africa with Zambia on the eastern side. It is located in the center of Africa and is among the densely populated countries. The weather remains the same throughout the year. It is hot during daytime whereas the nights get cold so you can come for Malawi vacations whenever you want. As it is an underdeveloped country, the roads are in a vey poor condition which makes the transportation system terrible. Its capital city is Lusaka.


There are plenty of places which cannot be missed during your Malawi vacations. Mount Mulanje is one of them. It is situated in the Southern side of the town Mulanje. Mulanje Mountain has a breathtakingly beautiful view. It is famous for hiking and climbing tours. Camping is also done which takes days but it gives you a memorable experience. The lodging service is remarkable. All the rooms are well furnished with every possible facility. The rooms are spacious, hygienic and are equipped with internet services as well. And you will find everything, the restaurants, markets, bars, etc. at a walking distance. Then there is the Lake of Stars festival, Salima. This is not a place but an event which should not be missed during your stay in Malawi. It’s a one-day festival where musicians get together and there is dancing and singing all night. Kasungu National Park which is the western part of Malawi is a huge wooded park containing hippos, leopard and lots of fabulous bird life. This national park has all the wild life to offer. Then there is Lake Malawi. It dominates the country side nearly 600 km long and 80 km wide. There is a lot to explore. It is a beautiful beach with white sand. You can swim, fish or go for snorkeling. There is some great bird watching in the inland forests. Likoma Island is a beauty in itself. The only way you can go there is by means of a plane. It has 9000 inhabitants with a cathedral in the middle. Guesthouses are available for visitors of that island. Lake Malawi National Park is the world’s first freshwater national park which has all the species of birds along with thousands of species of fish as well.

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The best thing about Malawi vacations is that it offers a lot of outdoor activities. You will leave Malawi with warm hearts, beautiful memories and some amazing wild life pictures.

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