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Fairbanks - Your Vacations At The City With Golden Heart


If you live in an area where the weather is mostly warm and you want to go for your vacations in a cold region then Fairbanks is the place for you. It is known as the golden heart city and once you experience Fairbanks vacations, you will come to know the reason behind it yourself. It has hot summers and cold winters. This place is full of amusements and attractions. Fairbanks vacations will give you a complete new experience of life.


Fairbanks is the largest city of Alaska with a population of 31,535. It is in the interior side of Alaska. Its temperature is very high due to its geographical location and that is why the winters are extremely long. So, if you live in the tropical region or other warmer parts of the world, where the summer heat gets unbearable, Fairbanks vacations provide you with the perfect outlet.


The accommodation in Fairbanks is affordable and inexpensive whether you need to stay in Fairbanks for your summer vacations or for winter vacations. All the hotels provide with breakfast and with a friendly staff. Fairbanks vacations in summer are also great. People go to Chena River for a swim as it is the best way to keep them cool. There are various places to visit in Fairbanks. Moose Mountain is the most famous place where elders as well as young children can have fun. It is a great place for skiing for both beginners and experts. The resort is opened every weekend during the winter and is closed at dusk. It is a 20 minute drive away from Fairbanks and remains crowded throughout the week. Then there is the Ice Museum, where you will get to see the beautiful ice sculptures. You can take pictures here and enjoy the cold temperature. There are two Ice Museums, one is in the downtown and the other is the Aurora Ice Museum which is at a distance of 65 miles from Fairbanks. The entire building is refrigerated by locally generated geo-thermal electricity. Your vacations will only be complete if you visit all the places. Georgeson Botanical Garden is a beautiful place. There are a whole lot of tourists visiting it every year. The garden is divided into four sections. In the first section you will find every variety of flowers from Alaska and from other countries as well. In the second area there are benches along with the water area. In the third area there is the vegetable section and the fourth area is for children with a garden and a maze. Manley hot springs is a lodge about 8 km North at the end of the Eliott Highway. It offers great spring pools and trips for fishing, camping and exploring gold mines. It’s a place where you can go repeatedly and you will enjoy more than before. During your vacations don’t forget to take a cruise on the Chena River. It is amazing and everybody enjoys the trip. The boat stops at an Indian village on the Tanana River which is the highlight of the trip.

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Your Fairbanks vacations will definitely go great after visiting these places that are a huge source of amusement. And you will come home with a lot of pictures and memories. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm as the weather can get pretty harsh at time.

By Amara, published at 01/22/2012
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Fairbanks - Your Vacations At The City With Golden Heart. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.