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Vacations In Tobago - Some Information

Published at 01/14/2012 13:12:22


Tobago is one of the two islands that constitute the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is situated at the southern coast of Caribbean. A fusion of many cultures is spotted in Tobago. To view this multi ethnic city, people plan for vacations Tobago.


Vacations In Tobago - Some Information


Tobago was colluded with Trinidad in 1889. But despite of the collaboration, Tobago has succeeded in maintaining its distinctive charm and charisma. It is believed that the first habitants of Tobago were the Courlanders. Later it was permeated by the Spanish, French and Britishers.  To explore this multifaceted city, people arrange for vacations Tobago.


The accommodations for tourists in Tobago are quite economical. There are number of B & B’s which are known for their cozy environment and mouth watering food. “Coco Reef” is one of the best hotels in Tobago and one of its main attractions, besides spectacular suites, is its private beach. Most of the families are so enthralled by it that they don’t want to leave it. The restaurants of Tobago are also quite famous because of their exquisite cuisine and vintage wines. Some of the best restaurants are “After Hours Restaurant”, “D’ Almond Tree (Vera’s)”, “Hollywood Chinese Restaurant”, “Jane’s Quality Kitchen”, “La Cantina”, “Little Sparrow Restaurant”, “Riverside Restaurant”, “Royal Castle” and “Waving Gallery Restaurant”.  There are so many other places which you can visit during your vacations Tobago. “English Man’s Bay” is the most widely visited beach by the tourists and so is “Store Bay”. “Argyle Falls” is a sight to see. It is a 600 feet long waterfall and bewitches the spectators. “Fort King George” is also worth a visit. This superb example of architecture was built in 1780 and is still nicely kept. “Little Tobago” is a small intriguing island near the Tyrrell’s Bay which, by the way, has an amazing collection of birds. “Being with Horses” is like a small community of horses, which are well cared for. The most amazing experience is when they swim and you get to ride on their backs. “Tobago Historical Museum” definitely deserves your visit and is a heaven for history and art lovers. If you are interested in snorkeling and surfing, then “Angel Reef” is the right place for you. “Nylon Pool” is also one of the highlights of Tobago. It has been titled as one of the most buoyant beeches of Tobago. “Adventure Farm and Nature” are also a must to visit. All the birds, especially the hummingbirds, keep you entertained for quite a long time. “Black Jack Hole” is a place of bio diversity and you can’t get closer to nature, any more, than this. “Genesis Nature Park”, “Kimme Museum”, “Arnos Vale Reef”, “Pigeon Point Beach” and “Tobago Forest Reserve” are all a must to visit if you are in Tobago.

Tips and comments

It’s best to visit Tobago between December and June because during July to November the weather is quite unpredictable and rainy. The rain and storms might dampen your plans. And don’t forget to take your Nikon on your vacations Tobago.