Incredible Supernatural Vacations In Western Canada
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Incredible Supernatural Vacations In Western Canada

Published at 01/16/2012 18:20:59


Incredible Supernatural Vacations In Western Canada

If you want to experience breathtaking mountainous scenery relaxation in warm winters with a luxurious stay in first class resorts and outdoor sports, then Western Canada is the place for you. Western vacations offer you the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world with alpine skiing being a major attraction for tourists. The province has about 33 ski resorts spread out from Vancouver Island to the Alberta border while Whistler, British Columbia, in the rugged Coast Mountains is ranked as the number one ski resort destination in North America and also co-hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It gives you a cultural experience as well since Vancouver is one of Canada's most multi-cultural cities and provides a beautiful landscape of mountains and ocean located on a scenic Vancouver Island. Thus islands, mountains, beaches everything is combined providing you a supernatural vacation. Canada is a popular vacation spot for everyone and even Canadians find themselves to be wondering in one part or other and being in awe.


Western Canada is also referred to as the western provinces of Canada include four regions of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba with the Western British Columbia adjoining the Pacific Ocean and Alberta bordering the Rocky Mountains and is an important destination for ski resorts while British Columbia has some of the best beaches and national parks and is a very popular Hollywood destination for filming.


Incredible Supernatural Vacations In Western Canada

Vancouver is a harbor city, providing breathtaking scenery of mountains and ocean. It has many sites to see which include the Stanley park, Granville island, and Chinatown. Western vacations also give you a whole cultural experiences when you visit the Vancouver art gallery, Vancouver maritime museum, museum of anthropology, and science world at TELUS world of science, another world-class attraction being the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, housing the largest collection of dinosaur fossils under one roof in the world, Manitoba museum, Canadian museum of nature, civilization and technology; and numerous other museums spread out in the whole region. In Vancouver whale watching is a particular favorite activity, along with busking in the inner harbor area and seeing the famous butchart gardens. Wine tours are very common in Okangan valley with the british Columbian wine and orchard county and there are 53 golf courses and two major ski resorts in the valley. Canda Olympic park is famous for skiing. Manitoba province on the other hand is complete opposite since it has some of the finest beaches in North America and offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation for example hunting, fishing, and boating. Churchill on the Hudson Bay is a popular attraction due to the large polar bear and beluga whale population. Thus, the western vacations offer you the complete experience.

Tips and comments

A good idea when you go for your western vacations is to hire a tour guide since there are so many destinations to see and so many completely different provinces to visit, a well organised trip is very much needed. Make sure you book all your flights and reservations via online by websites who offer these services at a discount rate.