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Hawaiian Vacations: Hotel Hana Maui


Are you stressed out from work and are planning vacations with your family? Everyone knows there is no place better than an island to spend your vacations on. The peaceful waters and the rising sun is all yours and you can dwell in the magnificent beauty of it all. The open sky and the sheer beauty of it move the heart and soothe the soul. You can start your day with fresh breeze from the beach and the glowing sun. Aren’t you excited? Don’t you want to leave all work and just throw yourself in these beautiful moments to engulf you and drain you of all worldly tensions and problems that you don't want to face? Well then here is an island for you that will do exactly what you must be imagining right now. The Hawaii Island, and to be specific, the travaasa hana there which is a resort formerly known as hotel hana Maui. It was voted the no.1 resort in Hawaii in don’t waste any more time because vacations Maui are waiting to give you moments that you will cherish all your life.


Hotel hana Maui now known as travaasa hana has been modified and is now much better than it was before. It was the first resort on the island and is surrounded by awe inspiring beauty. The fluffy and ever green grass fields and the palm trees engulf the hotel hana Maui and enhance its beauty. the accommodations and the endless activities vacations Maui have to offer you will make your time in Hawaii the best of your treatments, fishing, dining, the accommodations including cottages and suites and the rates and packages are sure to make your life heaven like on earth.


Every minute you spend in Hawaii in hotel hana Maui will bring new experiences in your life and will leave no room for disappointment. The activities that vacations Maui have for you are fun filled and comforting and are divided into categories so that people with every taste are satisfied. The different types of activities include adventure, culinary, culture, fitness and spa and wellness. These experiences will prove to be unique and will satisfy you to your heart's content. The adventures include taking a tour of the resort and the island, snorkeling, going on walks, riding horses, water sports such as stand up paddling, learning archery and adventure of mind and body called the challenge course. Culinary includes learning basic skills of preparing and decorating local Hawaiian food. Fitness includes yoga, martial arts, outdoor circuit and many more things that will keep you healthy and fit and wellness that includes meditation under the open sky so that you can drain yourself of all mental stress. Vacations Maui has something for everybody to make your time an unforgettable memory.

Tips and comments

If you go on vacations Maui do not ignore or forget to explore the Hawaiian culture. It is never useless to experience new things and learn about or hear about others' culture as you will learn many things that might help you at some stage of your life. You can learn hula which is a dance and you can also learn how to make leis which are made with flowers and worn on the head and given as a gift upon greeting. Fishing, bike riding, photography and ecology are other things that might enhance your knowledge and above all they will be fun experiencing, so don’t miss the Hawaiian culture when you go for vacations Maui.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/18/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Hawaiian Vacations: Hotel Hana Maui. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.