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Cayman Islands Vacations - Dream Holidays Or Endless Nightmare?


Vacations are often in a package deal with the expectation phobia that gets tagged along with them. Will these vacations I am planning for be worth my money and time spent? This is the question we do ask ourselves while planning any holiday. No matter how famous the place is, it does not necessarily quantify it as a right place for you. Cayman Islands is a world renowned location to spend your Cayman Islands vacations inthe  warmth of the sun and cushion of the sandy beaches, marking the periphery of these islands. It is without a doubt a magnificent place to visit, but questions will always be there. Will the Cayman Islands vacations be your dream holiday or a nightmare?


The Cayman Islands are a cluster of islands present in the Caribbean Sea to the south of Cuba. First founded by the British in the 18th century, they were under the rule of the Jamaican administration. These Islands have experienced tenfold growth in the past few decades and its tourism sector has gone up significantly, making Cayman Islands vacations an experience that is a must have around the world.


These holidays can be a nightmare or a dream vacation for you, depending on a number of variables. Cayman Island is famous for its beaches and to enjoy the sun bath with peace. These islands are rich in exotic history. To the east of Grand Cayman is the preserved shipwreck site, keeping the memory intact of the merchant ships that ran aground in 1794. Then there is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. It consists of lush green terrains with small forest patches in different areas of the park. It gives you a different touch to experience, rather than just sand and ocean to see. The Cayman Islands feature all of the water sports that you can think of enjoying and some good golf resorts are also present there. You can enjoy the overview of these islands via different guided tours in your own way without feeling overwhelmed with crowds or exhaustion. Scuba diving is a must if you’re in the Cayman Islands. It will give you the kick of adrenaline that you’re missing from your daily routine. But to look at the other factors, you have to be aware that your Cayman Islands vacations will be costly. You have to be sure first that islands will provide the right ambiance to enjoy your free days. They can get dull if these do not match your interests. Another thing that can make your dream holiday turn into a nightmare are emergency situations. Hectic lives are what we are avoiding in first place: hence, the concept of vacation. These islands have high rates of burglary. Women walking alone during the night should keep a phone with them to call for help in an emergency. There have been cases of sexual assaults. Plus, public displays of affection are not really categorized as “cute” there, so you have to acknowledge that.

Tips and comments

Having said all this, if we try to make a pro and con list, we will definitely find things to discourage any tour to begin with. Burglaries and assaults are common acts of violence happening all around the world. If you want to go to a place or not, that should purely be depending upon whether it suits your interests. Other variables in this equation, like security issues, will be present elsewhere as well. Make sure to check for weather updates before you head for your Cayman Islands vacations so you can pack the right things.

By Amara, published at 01/22/2012
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Cayman Islands Vacations - Dream Holidays Or Endless Nightmare?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.