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Quiet And Tranquil Village Vacations In Altea - Spain


Village Vacations provides you with the best possible get-away experience you have ever had. When you are thinking of going on a vacation, think of village as an option also. Village vacations is an excellent way of enjoying a nice quiet time by yourself, a loved one or even with family. It can turn out to be the most sensational experience one could ever have. The beauty of villages sometimes amazes even the most traveled vacationers. It can range from simple to being elegant, lacking no fun or activity of its larger brothers in the vacationing industry. Among the simple backdrop, quiet surroundings and the most elegant scenes available among all vacation spots in the world, Altea Spain is one of the most beautiful village and a perfect spot for a long quiet relaxing vacation. This is one of the few villages that offer a tranquil atmosphere that is more relaxing and quiet than the bigger towns in the area.


Altea, Spain is a small town in the Costa Blanca and is located approximately nine miles of Benidorm, a popular Costa Blanca town. The area around Atlea has been inhabited for many thousands of years. The inhabitants such as Greeks, Romans, Arabs to name but a few. It was in fact the Greeks who gave Altea its name ALTHAIA, meaning “I cure”. Perhaps the most famous symbol of Altea and a constant presence is its church. Constructed at the beginning of the last century, its magnificent dome is decorated in white and blue crystal ceramics and is today often used as a symbol of the Costa Blanca. The 20th century saw the town develop into a tourist attraction. Many artists, painters, sculptors and writers flocked here for inspiration. As time went by the tourist boom took hold and many art galleries were turned into bars, ceramic workshops into restaurants of various kinds and making it a perfect place for a village vacations.


Altea Spain is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Costa Blanca. Lovely beaches, mountains overlooking the sea, excellent weather and great hospitality. The weather is mild in the summer time and winters. The hills surrounding the town keep the temperature snug in the summer time months and keep the cold winds in the winter out. Altea is the ideal destination for a peaceful, relaxing visit to one of the most superbly landscaped areas in the Costa Blanca area. Many writers and artists come to the actual village because of its tranquility and beautiful surroundings. Some stay for brief periods and others live in the area all year. Most stay in the area surrounding the old church. The village is particularly famous for its church, Nuestra Senora Del Consuelo. The church was built in 1910; the design is Mediterranean style architecture. The blue dome roof is the landmark in the area. All in All, Altea Spain is an ideal place and an interesting place for a one in a life time experience of a village vacations.

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Altea Spain is the best place one can have a village vacations experience. The stunning beauty of the beach and the mountains surrounding it is just breath taking. Great seafood and authentic Spanish cuisine, the beautiful terrace sitting overlooking the sea assures the time of the life.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/26/2012
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Quiet And Tranquil Village Vacations In Altea - Spain. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.