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Texas Vacations - Austin Museums The Entire Family Can Enjoy


Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas. It is one of the most developed and happening cities in the region, thus, promoting Austin vacations. The vibrant and electric city has tons to offer for all vacation seekers. Austin as a city has many traits, be it music, history, nightlife, culture, entertainment or food. Austin vacations can be a learning adventure as well. This article will guide you to have a great time visiting and exploring the best museums that Austin has to offer.


Austin has a vast cultural history that is inspired from the Texan lifestyle. Recently the government has been spending a lot of resources to upkeep Austin and develop it as a tourist destination. This is done by restoring a lot of the heritage sites present in the city as well as contracting modern landmarks. This has boosted the popularity of Austin vacations.


Firstly, the Texas state capitol is a must visit. It ranks as one of the most visited attractions in Austin city. The state capital building is home to Texas state capitol visitor’s center which is classified as an official museum. The building itself is a work of art. It exemplifies magnificent architecture and detailed designing. The Texas state capitol will provide you with memories that won’t be easily forgotten. Vast floor spaces, red granite, a breathtaking rotunda and acres of lush gardens add to the beauty of the capitol building. You and your family will surely have many picture perfect moments. Then, it is the Bob Bullock State history museum. The museum offers a host of things to do. Children can enjoy the two theaters that are there. One of the theaters is the only IMAX Theater in all of Texas. In addition to this, the museum has 3 floors worth of historical exhibitions. It is renowned as “The story of Texas”. Next is a treat for the young members of the family. The Austin Children’s museum is for children about and below the age of 12. The museum and all its activities were made just for children. The museum works on the principle that children love to learn through playing. Various interactive learning activities are present where children could learn and discover by doing. The museum also has a “safe area” for even younger children and toddlers. Lastly, all tourists must include a visit to the Austin Nature & Science Center during their Austin vacations. The museum focuses on the natural world. It is a unique experience as its major attractions are located outdoors. The purpose of the museum is to advance the discovery of the natural world. A dinosaur dig, a naturalist’s workshop and an animal’s area are some of the outdoor attractions.

Tips and comments

Anyone who chooses Austin vacations will surely not be disappointed. The city is rich in terms of cultural and historical offerings. Depending on the time you have for your vacations, you can visit quite a few of the museums. Just make sure that you allocate a full day to each museum if you and your family would want to explore it fully.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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Texas Vacations - Austin Museums The Entire Family Can Enjoy. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.