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5 Free Places To Visit During Your Beirut Vacations


As the capital of Lebanon, Beirut has lived up to its position and has always been one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Due to its high historical and political significance, it has always been a vacation destination for many explorers who not only want to explore this city’s past but also want to witness its development and restoration. Vacations in Beirut can be costly. Therefore, it is very important for a person to plan these Beirut vacations in a way that accommodates him/her economically as well. Beirut vacations are all about exploring the city and what would be a better treat than discovering free places to visit during this exploration trip.


In the past, Beirut has been ruled by Romans, Arabs, Crusaders and the Ottoman Empire. Remains, from the periods of these rules, serve as a proof of the rich historical background of this city and the conflicts it has experienced. Even after achieving independence in 1943, Beirut still had to go through a lot of turmoil, whether it was at the hand of its own people or the Israeli invasion. Thus, in order to fully understand the sensitive nature of this place, tourists should plan their Beirut vacations after gaining an insight to these historical events.


There’s also a possibility of tourists enjoying their Beirut vacations without spending much money because there are some places in Beirut which are not only true representatives of this city but are also free for tourists. Beirut has a lot of geographical importance as well, which is evident by the fact that it gives Lebanon an outlet to the Mediterranean Sea. This outlet is not only an attraction for traders but also for the tourists who come to enjoy the view of the ‘Pigeon Rocks’ and the sunset that beautifies it. This amazing view cost nothing and attracts a lot of tourists who come to witness the beauty of this city. Moreover, these tourists can also take a stroll down the white sand beach, which is a short distance from the ‘Pigeon rocks’, to enjoy a sunny day and have a swim. The influence of the Ottoman Empire and Arabs, on this city, is visible through its architecture and a walk through the Beirut city centre is a perfect reminder of this influence. Tourists can observe the old buildings and town squares, like the famous ‘Martyrs square’, which are a highlight of this city. If at any time the tourists feel like going window shopping and getting in touch with the locals, the local way of life and the items the locals use in their everyday lives, they can go and visit the Sunday market. Although this market is set up for the exchange of old and cheap merchandise that the locals intend to sell, it gives the tourists a chance to experience the trading activities that go on in this city and also a chance to get a taste of the culture of Beirut through the art work and other goods on display in this market. Another addition to this list of free places that tourists can visit in Beirut is the Gemmayze district which is full of bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes but even if one does not plan to dine-in, he/she can enjoy exploring the old French style buildings and design of this district.

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Visiting all these places during ones Beirut vacations is a must because these places truly represent Beirut, its uniqueness, its history and its magnificent beauty. A visit to these places can give the tourists a pure experience of the real city of Beirut.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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5 Free Places To Visit During Your Beirut Vacations . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.