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Enjoy A Vacations At The Kingston Plantation In Myrtle Beach


Kingston Plantation is situated on the northern extreme of the Myrtle Beach- a beach located along the graceful South Carolina coastline of the United States of America. This gorgeous and splendid beach has been one of the best places for vacations in the entire world as people from the whole globe come to visit it. Due to this the Kingston plantation Condos have been famous for its Kingston vacations. Truly, Kingston vacations have been enabling people to experience the time of their lives!


The Myrtle Beach was foreseen as having the potential to be a travel destination by Franklin Burroughs in the 20th century. With the building of the Kings Highway in 1940, Myrtle Beach got an edge as now it had its own highway.  Also, with the building of railroads and the airport this place got a commercial boost near the time of 1993. This gradual progress and its picturesque scenery enabled this place to acquire a special place in the hearts of whosoever came to visit it. In 2011, the Kingston Plantation was chosen as the winner for the Magellan Award for the best family resort in the entire world. This prestigious award is given to acknowledge the accomplishments of the one travel destination that stands out in the world as the very best. This further proves the extraordinary nature of the Kingston vacations, and the facilities the Kingston plantation offers at the disposal of the people who visit it. Moreover, on the 10th of August 2011, Kingston Plantation again proved its mettle by getting its 11th Pinnacle Award from the Successful Meeting magazine. This esteemed award is meant for those who make a mark in offering the travelers the best quality, and standard along with amazing services.  Now, Kingston plantation is considered as the best resort in the history of Myrtle Beach.


Kingston vacations offer one the opportunity one deeply yearns for in a vacation. From offering 1,000 elegant choices for accommodations to the 65,000 square feet of high-tech meeting area, Kingston plantation has something extraordinary to offer to everyone. The aforementioned accommodations also range from two-room suites, to condos giving a picturesque view of the ocean due to the independent balconies, to villas and lodges in the midst of serene woods. Moreover, this resort offers a water park giving a feel similar to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Also, the Kingston plantation has gymnasium facilities in addition to its beautiful tennis courts and golf courses. The golf courses have been specifically designed by Rees Jones, the very well renowned American architect of golf courses. Be it playing games such as volleyball and squash, or doing yoga and aerobics for mental and physical relaxation, this place offers you to do whatever you wish for. What's more, this resort enables you to enjoy dinner while watching the glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean. Comfort and relaxation know no bounds at this place because it offers indoor and outdoor pools comprising of 50,000 square-feet of space. The place also includes a Health Club to ensure the best health facilities for the travelers.  At this place you can also arrange your wedding ceremony in the midst of the elegance and beauty of this place as the staff present here can organize an elaborate wedding ceremony, just for you!

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The features offered at the Kingston Plantation might be offered by other resorts in the world but the best quality of these features is what gives this place an edge above the rest. Kingston vacations will not be mere holidays but an adventure that you might have wished for!

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/18/2012
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Enjoy A Vacations At The Kingston Plantation In Myrtle Beach. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.