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Top 3 Vacations American Spots


When it comes to deciding a destination for American vacations, the choices are abundant. The United States offers outstanding locations for tourists and locals to visit during holidays. These American vacations’ spots include water related activities on beaches, hiking on mountains, or enjoying the natural wonders the country has to offer.


Being one of the major and largest countries of the world, America enjoys fame for many of its attractions. Located between Canada and Mexico, the country borders the North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. The climate is mostly temperate, which makes going for American vacations feasible during any time of the year.


The Hawaii Islands are a popular holiday spot. It is said to be an expensive holiday destination, but the sight is worth seeing. The beaches and the activities they offer are the main attraction for those looking for an enjoyable American vacations.  Some of these activities include scuba diving, surfing on the crystal blue beaches, hiking and swimming. There are many luxury resorts available in the area providing the basic necessities and services. There are also vacation rentals and condos available for a more private stay and bed & breakfasts as well. It is a favorite vacationing spot all year round. The Honolulu International airport is the main entry point for visitors. It is best to rent a car or avail public transportation, shuttles or taxis and explore the beauty of these islands completely. For those looking for a more happening holidays, Las Vegas is a better option. The city is said to be America’s playground, known for its glitz and glamour. Local casinos surround the city, which offer fun activities and gambling. Famous resorts like The M Resort is a common choice, offering touch screens in the casino and all the necessities in room services. Restaurants and bars in these resorts cater to tourists all round the year. The nightlife in the casinos and clubs is a major attraction for tourists from everywhere. When talking about a family vacation in the United States, one cannot miss the famous Disney Land. Located in Orlando, Florida, it is one of the largest theme parks attracting visitors of all age groups. Known for its magical ambiance, Disneyland is said to the happiest place. Inspired by the famous Walt Disney’s cartoons and movies, Disneyland Adventure Park offers a huge number of activities for tourists and locals. It consists of parks like fantasyland and adventure land within its premises, offering live entertainment through bands and fireworks and parades and performances. There are many resorts within to stay, like the Disney World Resort that itself includes theme and water parks, spas and fitness centers.

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American vacations in these spots can be a combination of history, enjoying natural beauty, glamour and fun. Whether you opt for the balmy beaches of Hawaii, or the casinos of Las Vegas or a completely fun filled family holiday stop at the Disneyworld, your vacations will be most entertaining. Budget and personal preference plays a role when deciding the perfect destination so that has to be considered wisely. It is better to take a complete tour of all these locations to enjoy what they have to offer in its entirety.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/17/2012
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