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Koh Samui Thailand Vacations - Get The Best Of Koh Samui


Koh Samui is an Island, situated in Gulf of Thailand. It’s becoming a big source of attraction for travelers around the world. Attempting to get out of your hectic daily lives for an experience you haven’t had before, where you can feel there is more to life than work and urbanization swarming around you. Then Samui vacations will certainly provide you with that unique ambiance to feel and breathe in. It’s like a painting made with the mixture of sands of its beeches, safari from its wildlife, and the warmth of its tropical climate. Small Island makes it a very personal experience; at the same time it doesn’t let you feel too overwhelmed with the crowd around you.


This particular Island had been cut off from rest off the world till 20th century and till few decades ago there was no concentrated efforts made to put it on as traveler spot on global scale. Late arrival in eye of the world has preserved its exotic culture in itself and travelers going there do feel that they have got that break they were looking for.


Island is lined up with one event after another. Activities to get involved will be numerous, getting dull wouldn’t be an option left for you. There are number of beaches you can go to, dip your feet in water and bath in sun over the cushiony sands to truly have a feel for your Samui vacations. Lipa Noi beach and Mae Nam beach are few from all to name here. Plus these beaches feature cafes built for the sole purpose of enjoying the sunset. It’s truly magnificent to watch and an opportune moment for photo ops. Central Part of Island has the jungle mountain peaking up to 635 meters. It serves as a good adventure for those who are looking for more of thrill in their trip. Talking about the thrill, Scuba diving is really famous here and is a must do if you’re willing to experience a kick of adrenaline. Haad Rin beach hosts a full moon party, for party lovers this is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of koi Samui vacations night life. Music, drinks and food all are present here. Thai is also famous for having Bull fighting festivals. Owners prep their Bulls in colorful ribbons and then there is a march pass by the crowd. Among other highlights of the Koh Samui vacations is the fisher week festival. With artists and performers gathered in this festival it creates a lively atmosphere to enjoy in. Island has many ongoing guided tours around its landscapes. If you are looking for some snorkeling, scuba diving and trip around the landscapes of Island with other people then you should look them up. Information about them is available on web and will be available in hotels or villas you stay in.

Tips and comments

To have comfortable Samui vacations, it’s been suggested by almost all travelers to rent a villa there. Don’t forget to take one water proof camera along this place is a heaven for some memorable clicks. Pack the right things by checking with the weather updates about the Island. On a note Shorts, Sandals and sunglasses are a must. If weather gets bad gaming consoles for indoors fun will certainly get your time by.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/26/2012
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Koh Samui Thailand Vacations - Get The Best Of Koh Samui. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.