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Most Popular Alabama Vacations Spots For Your Holidays


Alabama is an ideal place to spend holidays with family. There are several resorts where one can enjoy with family and friends during your Alabama vacations. It is a state located in the south eastern part of the United States of America. The beautiful state has mountain areas that tend to be slightly cooler than the rest of the place. Alabama has a moderate weather round the year, so you can go for Alabama vacations anytime you want because you won’t be facing climate issues here.


There are many wonderful spots that you can find here: The Blowing Wind Cave Wildlife is home to various species like bats, snakes, etc. People are asked not to go in the cave, but during the summer when the sun goes down, the bats can be seen flying in the cave in search of food. If you don’t like watching bats, there are many activities like hiking, picnicking, and wildlife photography that you can experience in this resort. Another spectacular place of this state is the Daisy State Park. Over here you can witness the wildlife. The park is home to the exotic eagles. You will also find The Lake Catherine State Park Lake Chicot State, and Pinnacle Mountain State Park on your Alabama vacations.


The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is a holiday-goers must see spot. Here you have the Space Museum, Rocket Park and Shuttle Park. Another beautiful resort is The Goose Pond Colony which has a Golf course located on the shores of Lake Guntersville and is famous for its two runways holes of championship golf, so this is the right place for the people who love playing golf. Other than the amazing lake, there are cabins and pool houses on the lake which give a beautiful view. A very famous Museum by the name "The Edith Newman Culver Memorial Museum" has a collection of antique pieces, the remains of Civil War, Native American relics, and military displays. The museum has the best location and mind blowing things in it. For the shopping lovers, you can find many shopping malls over here like Madison Square mall, Parkway place mall, Tanger outlet center and Boaz outlet center. Here you can find a variety of clothes, shoes, bags, kids wear and what not. Food is not even a problem here since you can find different cuisines. If you are a seafood lover then Amsterdam cafe is the place for the most delicious seafood while Momma Goldberg’s deli serve the best sandwiches and subs. And if you are planning to have a perfect barbeque with a relaxing atmosphere, then Mike Ed’s is the place for delicious, yummy and perfectly made barbeque. Thus, Alabama vacations give you a little bit of everything!

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If you are planning to go for Alabama vacations in October, then, the Alabama Renaissance Faire is a must watch. It has attracted 35,000-40,000 people at Wilson Park in Florence. Many events and festivals such as musical programs, public lectures, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and dance programs take place here every year. These are the places of the most popular holiday in Alabama where you can fully enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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