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Affordable Holiday: Catalina Vacations!


The Catalina Island is off California’s coast. It’s a serene and beautiful island, which is sure to please all vacation seekers. The island is famous for its delicious foods, stunning scenery and sandy beaches. There can’t be a better place to go if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Catalina vacations can be a fun filled adventure away from the rush of city life. Catalina vacations don’t necessarily have to be expensive. This article will look at ways through which you can have a fulfilling adventure whilst keeping your budget in check.


The Island during its history has been home to various types of cultures; from ancient tribe’s people to the Spanish and Russian colonists in the modern era. Now almost a million people come as tourists to the Island each year. Over the past years, the local government has taken many steps that have proven to help in the preservation of the island. The Catalina Island conservancy is in charge of protecting the natural beauty of the island. Motor cycles are a no go on the island and the number of motor cars is limited to only a hand full. These types of measures ensure that the island’s greatest asset is fully preserved and Catalina vacations are thus promoted.


The first step when it comes to enjoying a cheap vacation in Catalina is planning. Proper planning will guarantee that you do not exceed your set budget during Catalina vacations. Various travel companies operate in the region. They offer comprehensive packages that cover different activities on the island. Some of the packages are even flexible, so that you can mold one that suits your needs best. Having a vacation package will ensure that you will have a command over your budget and expenses. It is advisable to choose a package that covers all the wildlife related areas on the island. To keep it cheap, the island could be covered on foot. There are many hiking areas and paths that will lead you through all of the best places on the island. By walking you also gain another benefit that you will be able to observe all the landscape and natural scenery of the island in greater detail and will get to take more photographs. Furthermore, the island has a variety of luxury hotels and resorts. Depending on your spending ability, you will surely find one which will be best for you. The island also offers beach related activities like snorkeling and water sports. If you find keeping up with all the activities yourself as hectic, then travel packages are available which would cover not just accommodation and travel but also all of the various activities that the island offers.

Tips and comments

Catalina vacations are perfect for those who are on a low budget. By just making sure of certain things, you can have fun for cheap. You get all the tropical goodness and the related activities in one place. You and your family can’t go wrong with choosing Catalina as your destination for vacationing.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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Affordable Holiday: Catalina Vacations!. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.