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Spend Your Christmas With Vacations In Chile


In South America, right along the west coast of the Pacific Ocean is a strip of land known officially as the Republic of Chile. If you want to get away from a white, snowy Christmas this year, then why not spend your vacations in Chile? The Christmas holidays are the favorite time of the year. And in Chile as a majority of the population is Roman Catholic, Christmas is celebrated just as famously as anywhere. Lights, trees, Santa Claus decorations, you name it and they have it. But don’t picture your Christmas vacations in Chile as white and snowy. No, in Chile, Christmas more likely starts the whole summer season.


If you’re a fan of rock sculptures and figures, you will love visiting the island of Rapa Nui or in English, Easter Island. Here you will find 15 of the island’s most famous statues called moai all standing in a military line up. To make things more interesting, add a little adventure to your vacations in Chile. Step into the Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia Area of Chile which provides you with every kind of outdoor activity you’re looking for. From just relaxing beside a lake to climbing to the top of the mountains, this park has everything. You can go Kayaking, hiking, ice walking, camping, horseback riding, fly fishing, sailing and mountain climbing. Can you think of more things to do in the great outdoors near glaciers, mountains, lakes and an exotic forest?


The northern part of Chile is one of the driest places on earth and you can expect the sun to be out all year round but here you’ll find some of the most challenging sports activities in the country. Going to the beach is never a bad idea especially if you want to indulge into water sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing and more. Although, even in the winter the sun is bright and shiny, it’s much better to stick to the north beach. The whole country is stretched along the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, so you’re bound to end up at a beach during your vacations in Chile. More towards the north is the desert Atacama which is now one of the main attractions of Chile. If you like some 4x4 action, dirt bikes and land sailing, then sign up for a tour.

Tips and comments

Central Chile’s climate is a little Mediterranean and you’ll find some winter snow to make your holidays feel more Christmassy. This region is right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountain. It’s great for skiing and snowboarding but other than that the valleys here are very fertile and green and give you a chance to sink in some sceneries and sightseeing into your vacations in Chile. These valleys are also the right place to do some wine tours and see the origins of all the great wine that Chile is famous for. Finally south in the winter is full of never ending activities and experiences. It’s full of lakes, volcanoes and mountains. This place during Christmas is booked for snowboarding and skiing. And after you’re done with that, you can indulge into one of their great thermal baths with spectacular mountain views. Remember, during Christmas and New Year’s eve, Chile is already booked in advance for family vacations.

By Amara, published at 01/18/2012
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