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Renting a fully furnished house or apartment to tourists as an alternate to hotel on a temporary basis is known as vacations rental. This term is mostly used in US. Vacations rental have lately become very popular as an alternate to hotels. It is mostly popular all over Europe and in Canada. These are usually privately owned properties, thus, tourists have a variety of accommodation to choose from according to their convenience. These properties are fully furnished to give the families a homely atmosphere. They can range from affordable studio apartments to very expensive luxurious villas on desirable locations. Some rentals also offer same services as the hotels like 24-hour maintenance, check in, housekeeping, etc. Famous rental locations include France, Spain, Greece and Turkey.


Villa and vacations rental are appealing for various reasons. The main reasons are that they are less expensive and they provide more space. They give people an opportunity to live in a neighborhood and soak in the rhythm of the local people. Rental properties provide facilities such as sports, games, DVDs, libraries and swimming pools. There are also some cons of the rental properties such as lack of staff and a poor quality of cleanliness. However, these are directly related to the type of villas you rent and the owners of the villas. But the benefits are more than the negative points offering greater privacy, more space, more facilities and desirable locations.


Vacations rental are arranged directly by the agencies or the owners themselves via the web. A great concern is that people can create fake accounts and give advice on a home which does not actually belong to them. This may lead to people paying in advance for renting a villa for their vacation and on arrival find that the home doesn’t exist. People often take travel insurance on these properties to ensure safe holidays. Travel insurances offer us extra security and protect our money in case we cancel our trip. Travel insurances are purchased by the renters. By this, the renters ease their minds if the customers cancel the bookings. It can eliminate the cancellation burdens, issues related to refund and open dates at rentals. It may cover medical emergencies, miscellaneous expenses, and may also protect against damaged and stolen baggage.

Tips and comments

For the ease of the customers the reservations are handles by the vacations rental agencies and no direct contact is made between the owner and the guest. Because a commission is charged by the agency to the owner, the rent is therefore also high. Renting properties enables the tourists and guests to live in a home like environment paying almost the same amount of money as they pay for living in hotels. These are usually apartments or villas. Guests paying for these rentals can ensure very luxurious and comfortable vacations for themselves. The travel insurances on these rentals ensure that the owners as well as guests don’t have to face any loss in case of any cancelled or delayed reservations or by covering the loss of a damaged or stolen baggage.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/21/2012
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