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Top 3 Adventure Travel Trips For Your Kazakhstan Vacations


Kazakhstan is not only the world’s 9th largest country, it is also known for the beauty that this land offers to its viewers. Also, the residents of this country spread their warmth to tourist who visit their country irrespective of the caste, creed, or culture that tourist might belong to. Moreover, this place is known worldwide for its hospitality and culture. Hence, this is the reason why a traveler traversing through Central Asia would firstly visit this wondrous country. Truly, people have the time of their lives when they go on Kazakhstan vacations! So if you also have holidays and are in search of going to a place that has both natural beauty and warmth then going on Kazakhstan vacations is surely the best idea.


Kazakhstan announced its independence from the Soviet Union on the 16th of December, 1991. After independence, this country made quick and significant progress. This is evident from the fact that now this country has a stable economy that relies heavily on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices. Also, the abundant reserves of oil, gas, and minerals have been crucial elements to the advancements in the country. This in turn has led to Kazakhstan vacations as people come here to enjoy and relax from many parts of the world.


The top three travel destinations in Kazakhstan are Astana, the capital of this country, Almaty, and the Tian Shah mountain range. For amazing and adventurous Kazakhstan vacations, going to these three places is a must. Astana being the capital city of Kazakhstan comprises of some very intriguing and significant places which are surely worth visiting. Here, the presence of various Churches belonging to different sects of Christianity gives it a historical edge. Also, the streets here are lush green as they are lined with beautiful trees. Moreover, to get a more intimate and closer view of nature, a sea aquarium has also been established along with the Aqsu-Zhabaghly Nature Reserve. This Reserve offers the picturesquely beautiful view of the canyons present here. Moreover, this Reserve also has more than one thousand various yet rare species of plants and animals. So if you are a nature lover then having to set your eyes upon the wonders of nature surely could be like a dream come true! The second place to visit in Kazakhstan is its old capital, Almaty. This city is now becoming a hub for tourists from around the globe. In this city you could relax and forget all your worries in the steam baths of the various saunas present here. Also, historical places like Zenkov Cathedral give this place an echo of the past; Zenkov Cathedral was made in honor of the heroes of World War II. What’s more, this place’s cafés and restaurants have the potential to make you forget about the food that you might have eaten in any place in Europe. The third place that is worth visiting in Kazakhstan is the famous Tian Shah mountain range. This is the place considered ideal for hiking and climbing. In these endeavors a travel guide could also come to your aid and help you get the most out of your experience in this mountain range.

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Making a tour of this country is a win-win option for you if you have never experienced the warm weather of Central Asia because Kazakhstan vacations would give you this opportunity to have this warm feel. Also, with this, you could enjoy the sight of the beautiful and elegant scenery put at your disposal by this magnificent land.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/19/2012
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Top 3 Adventure Travel Trips For Your Kazakhstan Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.