A Texas Vacations - Austin Museums The Entire Family Can Enjoy
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A Texas Vacations - Austin Museums The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Published at 01/17/2012 14:38:50


A Texas Vacations - Austin Museums The Entire Family Can Enjoy
Family vacations should always include at least one trip to a local museum so that the children can learn something about the locality they are visiting. Vacations Austin has a great selection of museums from which the visiting family can choose. Anybody who has been to vacations Austin will have been sure to see the many “Keep Austin Weird” bumper stickers or t-shirts. Austin has long and varied history and a somewhat unique feel which the museums of the city reflect. There are art, music, history, science, and sculpture museums all in the city of Austin. There listings for museums in the greater Austin area is close to forty. That is forty museums for your entire family to enjoy and learn together.


Austin was founded in the 1830s when settlers moved into what is now central Texas. In 1837 the village of Waterloo which was later renamed to Austin was founded. The renaming of Waterloo was because in 1839 this village became the capital of the Republic of Texas. Austin was chosen as the location of the new capital due because it was a prime location that intersected the roads to Sante Fe and San Antonio. It was also in 1839 that the Texas Congress designated 40 acres for the foundation of a university which would later become the University of Texas at Austin. Austin is a planned grid city which was designed by Judge Edwin Waller. During the years 1842 to 1845 the capital was moved to Houston due to political upheaval and instability in the area. But in 1845, Texas was annexed and made part of United States and at this time Austin became the capital once again.


Today Austin has a grown and become one of the most eclectic and progressive cities of America. If you do take your family for a vacations Austin an excellent attraction for young children is the Austin Children’s Museum which is the first museum to be accepted into the National Endowment for the Arts Advancement Program. This museum features a variety of activities such as Gingerbread House workshops, daily story time and demonstration and robotics classes. Another great museum which will allow you to learn about the history of Texas is the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. A very unique museum in Austin is the French Legation Museum which is the oldest building in Austin which used to house the French diplomatic mission from when Texas was a Republic.

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In recent years Austin has grown rapidly attracting many professionals, artists and students but it has been able to maintain some of its small town appeal. Austin has received several awards by various magazines and institutions as the best place to live in USA. One of the things which attract many people to vacations Austin is the music scene which is very happening with over 100 locations offerings live-music. So if you love music and want to see and feel just how different vacations Austin is from the rest of Texas come to Austin and sees why the locals want to Keep Austin Weird.