Bermuda Golf Vacations - Unforgettable Rounds
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Bermuda Golf Vacations - Unforgettable Rounds

Published at 01/17/2012 13:55:28


Bermuda Golf Vacations - Unforgettable Rounds

The slightest thought of enjoying a golf vacation can be a relaxing idea in itself. And if you’re thinking about spending your golf vacation in Bermuda – the best golf holiday destination, then you’re sure to live your dream holiday. Your desire to strut those gorgeous greens with a free mind that enables you to truly unwind can be only materialized when you plan your Bermuda Golf Vacation with Vacations Bermuda. It is because when you travel with experts like those at Vacations Bermuda, you travel with almost no concerns concerning how your vacation will go.


Bermuda Golf Vacations - Unforgettable Rounds

Vacations Bermuda gives you a number of reasons that validate your choice of travelling with them and none other. It is not only the fact that Vacations Bermuda is one of the pioneers in the trade but also the idea that they specialize in golf vacations unlike all the others who plan a general vacation for you. Vacations Bermuda as the name tells helps you explore the island of Bermuda and what better place can there be for golf where the weather is just perfect with no rains or hurricanes to disrupt the peace of the game. So holiday in ‘The Best Island in the Atlantic’ and enjoy your dream trip to Bermuda with us.


Vacations Bermuda now brings some of the best deals in town for all you Golf lovers out there. Vacations Bermuda makes sure that your love for the game is entertained with meticulous care and not just that, we at Vacations Bermuda ensure that you will fall in love with golf all over again. So with the beautiful location of Bermuda, you’ll find yourself swinging your golf clubs while the cool breeze from the sea refreshes your mind and body. Welcome to the world’s most well designed and beautiful golf courses. Vacations Bermuda treats you with all the care a golfer’s temperament demands for. We offer special golfer packages that include arrangements for your travel and accommodation and also attend to your travel-fun requirements with activities like spa, shopping and trips to some of the best family resorts. What special Vacations Bermuda has to offer is their five-day vacation for avid golf lovers. You can choose from our seven amazing world class golf courses with the likes of Belmont Hills Golf Club having a rather challenging par 70 golf course, Ocean View Golf Course and Port Royal Golf Course etc. We are sure to provide you with a drastically well designed vacation where the first three days you will tour three of our best golf courses where you begin on a lighter note, swinging into action and mastering the greens. Alongside, we make sure that our golfers are given the best scrumptious cuisines at our amazing ocean view bars. Day four – spend a major part of your day playing 9 holes finding your way through the challengingly set heavily bunkered greens and water hazards. Day five of your golf vacation will let you enjoy all 18 holes and by that time you must have mastered our greens.

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Travelling with Vacations Bermuda you travel with the ease of a baby. No extra tips required as we at Vacations Bermuda provide you a complete guide for our golfer’s package that provides you with all the necessary guidelines that may come in handy when playing under the clear blue skies of our gorgeous beachside golf courses at Bermuda. So plan your golf vacation with us and polish your golf skills before you visit us at Bermuda and voila! You’re all set to go! Enjoy your golf vacation with us this year.