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Cheap Beach Vacations Ideas For Malta


Located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, between North Africa and Sicily, Malta is the largest among the Maltese Islands. What makes this Island a perfect spot for holidays are the breathtaking Mediterranean beaches. For vacations Malta gives a worthwhile experience because of the climate, which remains moderately warm throughout the year. So if you have winters and you want to escape them on your vacations Malta offers a time of sunbathing and swimming even after summer is long gone.


The Maltese islands, consisting of Malta, Comino and Gozo do not exist in most maps. Malta, the largest among them, is only a spot on the maps that represents the rest of the islands as well. The island is 316 sq km. It is said to take just about an hour to cross the piece of land side to side. Valletta is Malta’s capital city. Being a site for world heritage, this city should be on the top of your list of must-see destinations. The city has an office for tourist information at the entrance giving out maps and brochures. Malta’s history goes back to 7000 years. It is said to hold some of the oldest structures that are free standing and their construction dates back to the copper age. Another attraction is the prehistoric Hypogeum temple’s ruins, which was an underground burial place, dating back to 4000 B.C. Thus, even if you want to go for history finding vacations Malta is an excellent option.


The beaches at Malta are crystal clear.  During a large amount of tourist crowd in summer, it is difficult to find private spot on these beaches. May and October are months that do not have much tourist traffic and is a perfect time to visit. Mellieha bay is a popular beach on the island, known for its scenic beauty and tourist facilities. Since it is not too cold in winter even, swimming is an option all round the year. Golden Bay is another popular beach attraction. A hotel overlooking this beach is the Radisson Blu Resort and Spa. Providing top notch amenities and services it is an isolated resort confirming a comfortable and relaxing vacations Malta promises. Most tourists arrive by cruise ships to Grand Harbor or to Valletta through airlines that are low cost. There are villas, apartments and farmhouses available to provide accommodation, other than hotels. These are available for a short term stay or for a longer time period with reasonable rents. Villas offer luxury accommodation with two to three bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. However, these free standing villas can be expensive. A better option can be for more than one family to share rent of these villas with multiple rooms available. Farmhouses are popular attraction due to their location in valleys providing scenic beauty and quality accommodation at affordable costs. These too have a number of bedrooms to be shared among a group of vacationers. Apartments cost lesser and are also a source of comfort providing furnishing and added facilities like car parking, a beach club and a swimming pool. Most of these have a single bedroom and some have two.

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During your vacations Malta offers a number of activities, all in one place. These activities can be availed throughout the year due to the stable climate of this country. They include hiking, diving and resorts and an archaeological experience, rarely offered by any other vacation spot.

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