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Tennessee Ski Vacations - Adventure For Your Family


If you are thinking of a Ski vacation, my guess, your family is somewhat adventurous. Vacations Tennessee is an amazing ski resort of audacious people. The most celebrated ski resort is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; the resort is a mecca for year round holiday accomplishments, including camping, fishing, and hiking during summers and Skiing and ice skating during the winter seasons. Vacations Tennessee, is an amazing adventurous fun filled holiday for family and friends. Tennessee is the only state that is home to a ski resort, you know what that means thousands of vacationers flying in almost every year.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is known to be Cherokee country. The Cherokee and Native Americans, historically they would hunt in the Misty Highlands, as wild life was abundant in the woods. This connected to Cherokee, North Carolina, during the early 1900’s Gatlinburg prospered as logging settlements; this was revealed from the History of the Great Smoky Mountains. Soon the place was filled with schools, general stores and restaurants, the reason why it became a tourist destination was because of the local crafts and activities and also the area houses massive mountain ranges and forests, henceforth propelling the skiing resort progress in the range.


Vacations Tennessee, is a great way to relax and have a fun filled holiday with the family. The Ski resort of Gatlinburg has a wide array of billet. May it be summers of winters this are of the Smokey Mountains ensures something for all. One can select from dozens of lodges, which include three bedroom cabins, opening on to the scenic views of the mountains and the resort. The ski resort is a home-base for 8 ski slopes and three chairlifts. The ski resort has a lot more to offer than just skiing, it has numerous shopping malls, casinos, miniature golf course, an alpine slide, arcade and a chairlift that sweeps you off your feet into the bliss scenery of Gatlinburg ski resort. Vacations Tennessee, has a great significance as it is the only ski resort in the state of Tennessee and is famous for all year round vacationing activities. Vacations Tennessee, ski resort is open for tourists when the snow is on the ground, mostly from November to March. Luckily the ski resort has online website which provides you with weather forecasts and keeps you update in regards to weather conditions. The Amusement park is accessible from August 16th to September 6th every year. This isn’t the end there is an Alpine Slide and a Wild life tour, but sadly these two functions depending upon the weather conditions. However it’s a great way to pump up your adrenaline and have a great fun exciting trip.

Tips and comments

Going on ski trip, I won’t stop you but would like to give you some advice, as to the things that you should keep in mind. Skiing is an atypical sport so it is advised to find ergonomic ways of carrying luggage. Choose the right ski and boot bags, wrap your sweatshirts, pajamas around your skis, this way you will free up space for your main luggage. This will also help you protect your skies. Wear a sunblock and put on warm clothes and get to slide down the bumpy Ski slides in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/18/2012
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Tennessee Ski Vacations - Adventure For Your Family. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.