Kissimmee Vacations Packages Are Great For Those Going To Orlando
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Kissimmee Vacations Packages Are Great For Those Going To Orlando

Published at 01/18/2012 16:07:28


Kissimmee Vacations Packages Are Great For Those Going To Orlando
If you have not heard of Kissimmee then I am sure you must have heard of Orlando which is right next to Kissimmee. The Orlando-Kissimee-Sanford area is home to over two million people. Kissimmee vacations offer a lot to any tourist who is thinking about spending some time in the incredible weather of Florida. Florida is famous for its amazing weather and fun-loving people. The times of the year when a Kissimmee vacation will seem truly enticing is when outside all you can see is grey clouds and snow because at that time Kissimmee will be all sunny skies.


Kissimmee itself is an independent city from Orlando and inside its own city limits it has a population of close to sixty thousand. Both Orlando and Kissimmee are located in Osceola County which is roughly in the middle of the state of Florida. The original name for Kissimmee, before it was incorporated as a city, was Allendale. The current name was adopted in 1883. The racial demographics of the Kissimmee stand at 67 % White, 10 % African American and 14.5% for other races. Kissimmee has road and rail access so when you decide to go on a Kissimmee vacations you could just as easily choose to arrive via Amtrak railway service. There is also a Greyhound bus station in Kissimmee but it not suggested that one should use this service as the buses are prone to be very late. The Orlando International Airport is very close and can be reached in fifteen minutes.


So what can you do on a Kissimmee vacations? Well one of the things which most people love to do is to walk around the city and enjoy the quaint small-town feel of the place. There are no skyscrapers in Kissimmee; a tall building in Kissimmee is three or four stories high. One great place to check out is the Silver Spurs Arena where there are all kinds of events going such as musical concerts and rodeos. If you want something breath-taking to do then go up in a hot air balloon and look down upon the beauty of Florida. A great attraction in the summer months for people on a Kissimmee vacations is the local water park which is lots of fun and a great way to stay cool. And of course if you have young children one of the biggest attractions in the area is to heard on over to Orlando city and visit Walt Disney World.

Tips and comments

The best thing about Kissimmee vacations are that they offer you such a unique experience of being able to stay in a small town yet be so close to all the attractions that a big city like Orlando has to offer such as Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. Kissimmee also has many golf courses and amazing water park. Kissimmee vacations are the ideal place to explore central Florida. Some come to Kissimmee and enjoy an amazing Kissimmee vacations and also see the attractions of Orlando all in one vacation.