Pittsburgh Cruise Vacations Make For Great Memories
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Pittsburgh Cruise Vacations Make For Great Memories

Published at 01/18/2012 16:10:08


Pittsburgh Cruise Vacations Make For Great Memories

Pittsburgh is one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania. It is known for its high rise buildings and steel industry. Pittsburgh is also considered as the financial hub for many surrounding cities and states. It is an amalgamation of many cultures, traditions and customs. To learn more about this dynamic city, people plan for Pittsburgh vacations.


Pennsylvania acquired Pittsburgh as a state in 1785. Primarily it was a garrison for the Dutch. Later it was conquered by the French and then by Americans. Each of the nations infused their lifestyles and cultures in Pittsburgh. It has the charisma and sophistication of French and Dutch and the laidback attitude of the Americans. The divine weather of Pittsburgh, especially in spring and winters, makes it an ideal vacation destination. Pittsburgh vacations are also famous because people get to know more about this enigmatic city.


Now days the easiest and best way to take Pittsburgh vacations is via cruise. Cruise vacations are economical, more innovative and fun than the road trips. Plus it’s a best way for the family to travel together. As soon as you reach Pittsburgh, you are treated like royalty. If you are staying in a top notch hotel, there is nothing better than that. The best hotels in Pittsburg are “Residence Inn Pittsburgh”, “Cambria suites”, “Fairmont Pittsburgh” and “Hampton Inn and suites”. “Residence Inn Pittsburgh” is immaculate and perfect. It has been ranked as the number one hotel, out of sixty eight hotels, in Pittsburgh. The taste of their exquisite cuisine stays with you forever. The staff is efficient and friendly. “Cambria Suites” is an affordable place to stay. The rooms have the best appliances. You can definitely fall in love with the bathrooms. And Beware, this hotel might ruin all the other hotels for you. It is that good! “Fairmont Pittsburgh” is a perfectly romantic place for the couples. The expenses are not much if you consider the accommodations, food and staff. “Hampton Inn” is a fantasy comes true. It has all the amenities you can think of. The main attraction of this hotel is the spectacular view it provides of the surroundings. The rooms with a balcony are to die for.  All of these hotels provide the facility of pick and drop service for the guests as well. But if you think that these hotels won’t fit in your budget, than you can go for the spectacular B & B’s in Pittsburgh. The most widely visited ones are “The Inn on Negley”, “The Pardon Inn”, and “The Mansion on the Heights of Maple”. Football and baseball are the trademarks of Pittsburgh. Most of the people embark on Pittsburgh vacations to enjoy a live game of football or baseball. The restaurants of Pittsburgh are classy and gorgeous. The food is finger licking good but besides the food, the architecture is breath taking as well. The top ones are “Salt of Earth”, “Seviche” and “Habitat”. The main attractions in Pittsburgh are “PNC Park”, “Phipps Conservatory”, “Mount Washington”, “Your Active City” and “Just Ducky Tours”.

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Therefore if you are deciding to go for Pittsburgh vacations plan wisely and pack appropriately. Don’t forget to take pictures because this might be the only chance you get to visit Pittsburgh.