Going To Laguna On Vacations?
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Going To Laguna On Vacations?

Published at 01/18/2012 20:30:29


Going To Laguna On Vacations?
Laguna is a province of Philippines. The capital of Laguna is Santa Cruz. The largest lake of the country is Laguna De Bay. This lake is surrounded almost completely by Laguna itself. Laguna’s most populated city is the Calamba City. The National hero of the country is Jose Rizal. The climate of the province is usually dry from November till April. The rest of the year is wet with rainfalls. Laguna vacations have been planned out by a lot of families who love the rain. The rainfall makes the weather really pleasant and just the right amount of humidity is there. The major attractions for people planning their Laguna vacations are the several cities of the province. These cities include the Calamba City, Binan City and many more. The agricultural industries have flourished here due to the right amount of rainfall in the province. A lot of people who come here merely for the Laguna vacations are forced to settle here permanently due to the job opportunities for them.


Laguna is a word derived from the word “lagoon” which means lake. And so, after naming the lake Laguna De Bay, the Province was also named after it i.e. Laguna. In 1670, the populous towns of the province were named as Bay by the people. And due to the weather and job opportunities, a lot of people from around the world started demanding for flights to Laguna. This forced the airlines to arrange as many flights, not just for business purposes but also for the Laguna vacations. A lot of people travel all around the world but they find Laguna the most interesting one. This is because of the unexpected rainfalls and the facilities provided in the hotels.


Going To Laguna On Vacations?
The major attraction for the people to plan their Laguna vacations is the Calamba City. The presence of job opportunities in the agricultural field is there. Other than that, a lot of people from the dry places come here for experiencing the rainfalls. Another natural source of attraction for the people is the Paksajan falls. The beautiful atmosphere is found nowhere else. There are also volcanoes in the province that are a cause of attraction for the people. Laguna vacations have been a success for almost all the families who love the rainfall. The tour organizers and the traveling managers have noticed the increasing number of people demanding for the Laguna vacations. This increase has desired the organizers to arrange more flights at a cheaper rate. The hotels in Laguna have also started offering more deals on discounts on flights, stay INS and food also.

Tips and comments

When you are finally in Laguna, be sure to take advantage of your Laguna vacations to the most. Visit crazy beautiful places like the Paksajan waterfalls and the Underground Cemetery. I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen places like these anywhere else. Other than that, take loads of pictures of the new places you visit. Go to Calamba City, Binan City and of course the Cavinti. These are cities you donnot want to miss on your Laguna vacations. Donnot forget to feel the cool water of the Laguna Lake. Get yourself drowned in the heavy rainfalls of Laguna. Experience rainfall like never before during your Laguna vacations. Do crazy activities like treading in the waters of the Paksajan waterfall. Donnot miss even a single chance of having fun in your Laguna vacations.