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Maine Winter Vacations - 3 Great Ideas For A Winter Vacation In Maine


Winters in Maine can quite a fun holiday and hence, can offer you a lot. Therefore if you choose to spend your vacations Maine in style, then you need to know what Maine is all about. Many people think that picking the right location is a hard thing to do, what with so many options open if budget isn’t a problem. That isn’t always true and with just a little research you can go a long way. Many people also seem to think that going to Maine is a bad idea in winters because they won’t find anything to do during their stay in Maine. Well, if you have those questions, you have come to the right place and this article talks about three great ways to enjoy Maine.


A brief history of Maine tells us that Maine is actually a result of the Ice Age. Maine was initially a straight coast line that got into lots of bays, harbors, and inlets by the last glacier. This formed more than 2000 islands that are found off the coast of Maine. The earliest inhabitants of Maine have been recorded to be the Red People so called because of their association with red clay. They always used to line the graves of their people with red clay which is a very interesting fact. Before the Micmac and the Abnaki Indian nations arrived in Maine, the Red People flourished and hunted on this land for their survival. It was a pretty native and secluded life till discovery.


Skiing on your vacations Maine is one great way to spend your holidays. Skiing is the best way to enjoy and appreciate the snow and with so many opportunities in Maine, there is no place better you could be in winter than Maine. With a variety of cross country as well as downhill experiences of skiing to opt from, some level of skiing can be found for everyone who is interested which makes your vacations Maine even more fun. Getting together to watch a dog sled race is another great way to spend vacations Maine. Gather your family or friends or even make new ones while on vacations and watch a dog sled race. This event happens every year and brings hundreds of visitors to Maine. It can be quite fun and you can even pick your favorites.  All in all, it is a good way to spend time with the entire family especially if you have young kids who will get excited to see the trained dogs in action. The third great way to spend Maine holidays is to go snowshoeing. This might be a foreign concept for some of you and basically it is an excellent way to experience the outdoor environment of Maine. Snowshoeing is a great substitute for skiing and is done cross country and in untouched areas of forests. It involves snowshoes that are sausage shaped structures that prevent your feet from sinking in the snow. These are available in Maine and you can find them anywhere. It is a great way to enjoy and involves trying something new for a lot of people which is great.

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If you are a first time skier on your vacations Maine, then a good idea would be to hire a professional to help you along the process in order to avoid injuries.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/19/2012
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Maine Winter Vacations - 3 Great Ideas For A Winter Vacation In Maine. 3 of 5 based on 10 votes.