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Fascinating Mauritius For Perfect Vacations


Vacations Mauritius, are an amazing getaway from the high paced world we leave, this tropical beauty rests on the Indian Ocean slightly east off the east coast of Madagascar. This scenic island is categorized amidst the top vacationing destinations of the world. Vacations Mauritius, are home to golden sunshine, soothing crystal blue sea or the blissful hotels with one of a kind service and the astonishing cuisine. Vacations Mauritius will welcome you to the blissful sea breeze, the tropical weather and the lush green plantations prudently sewn into the soil of the island. Such fascinating things can only be seen here and one should experience all of it!


Mauritius, as rich and colorful a place, holds a comparable history. Taking birth in the 16th century Mauritius was first colonized in 1683 by the Dutch. Mauritius remained populated by waves of merchants, planters and their slaves. The Island was termed after the crowned prince Maurice, but sadly he abandoned the colony in 1710. The island in 1715 was captured by the French, renaming the island to Ile de France. It prospered under the French East India Company. In 1810 Mauritius was bagged by the British and in 4 years’ time the possession of the island was confirmed by the Treaty of Paris. Mauritius road to independence began in 1947 after a few hurdles Mauritius stated a republic on 12th march 1992.


Vacations Mauritius, a multicultural and numerous ethnicities, await you. The island is home to Hindus, Muslim, Christians, Chinese, Creole and Europeans. This Diverse background of Mauritius reflects upon its food, the lip-smacking cuisine and discerningly fragrant flavors will positively delight your taste buds.  The household rum from the sugar cane is a perfect touch to a nice tasteful meal while enjoying the golden sky during the sunset, surely a relaxing, romantic scenic view that everyone desires on a vacation.  The white sandy beach is what awaits you at Vacations Mauritius. Every beach has its own distinctive appeal and panache and expressly engraved to meet the azure ponds. The shimmery water and white sandy beaches turn this place into a borrowed heaven propelling you stays forever. Besides the scenic panoramas, Mauritius is known to have top hotels, willing to provide you the best service turning your trip into an unforgettable experience. Every year the hotels revise their packages, and are most welcoming to honeymooners. If you want to start your life with a kiss of heaven, Mauritius is the place for you call your agent today.

Tips and comments

Mauritius has a steady government and a well maintained tourism department. The easiest way to secure a fun filled vacation is by getting yourself familiarized with the visas, customs, local laws, and other traveling basics. It is imperative to have a signed valid passport and it is of most importance to fill the emergency contact information. Leave a set of your contact numbers, itinerary and other important information with friends and family. Most importantly before boarding the plane, forget about all the worries and stress and fly away into this blissful wonder and have an experience of a lifetime.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/19/2012
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Fascinating Mauritius For Perfect Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.