Best Places For Summer Vacations - Raleigh
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Best Places For Summer Vacations - Raleigh

Published at 01/19/2012 14:21:53


Best Places For Summer Vacations - Raleigh
Raleigh is situated in North Carolina and is the perfect place to visit during the summer vacations. The temperature remains moderate all year round with the average of 31 Celsius (88.9F) in the hottest month of July. It is a most enchanting city and due to its overabundance of beautiful oak trees has been called the City of Oaks. A Raleigh vacations will offer you the benefits of a metropolitan area without the drawbacks of the mega-cities. Currently Raleigh is ranked as the 43rd biggest city in the United States with a population of over 400,000. The demographics of the city are 57% White, 29% African American and 11% Hispanic. This gives Raleigh a very interesting cosmopolitan mix.


Raleigh vacations tours offer an exciting and unique summer vacation experience for your family. Raleigh became the state capital in 1792 which shows you that compared to many of the cities in American Raleigh has a lot of history to offer. The origins of Raleigh can be traced back to December 1770 when the state’s General Assembly decided to create a new county called Wake County. Before 1792 no settlement existed in what is now Raleigh and it was a planned capital city by the state legislature. Raleigh is one of the few cities in the United States that was designed and specifically built to function as capital city. If you are interested in African American history then a Raleigh vacations will be perfect as located in the city is the South’s first black college, first black medical college in the country and the first black women’s college.


So what can a tourist get up to if they are on a Raleigh vacations. If you are in search of excitement, attractions, joined with the affordability and appeal of a traditional Southern town, than Raleigh is definitely the town for you to spend your summer vacations in. Due to the long history and role that Raleigh has played nationally there a plethora of museums which one can visit on Raleigh vacation. Raleigh has the region’s largest natural history and art museums. One museums which is a must see for those who enjoy art and design is the Gregg Museum of Art & Design which features among other things a great collection of modern furniture. There are also museums geared towards families such as the Marbles Kids Museum which features an interactive exhibits and daily educational programs. If you like history then the aptly named Historic Oakwood neighbourhood is an excellent place to wander through as you will get to see many buildings in their original Victorian style.

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Chavis Park is another great place to visit to see the place which remembers the great John Chavis. Raleigh vacations offer one of the most affordable yet very cultural very high society vacations. Another great benefit of a Raleigh vacation is that the city of Raleigh is rated as one of the best places for singles in America. There is a very active nightlife and also many musical concerts. A great club to visit if you feel like  a more mellow and relaxed feel 606 Lounge.