How To Give Away Free Vacations Business Incentives
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How To Give Away Free Vacations Business Incentives

Published at 01/19/2012 14:22:46


How To Give Away Free Vacations Business Incentives

Recently I had good fortune of being able to go on free vacations to Raleigh, North Carolina. It was absolutely a blast to be able to go for a whole week to a wonderful classic Southern town. My boss at Sterling & Chatha gave me these free vacations because I had achieved the best sales figures during the fall quarter. Did the idea of getting a fully paid holiday for a week help me achieve better sales? I think the answer is a firm yes. The reward of a free vacations coupled with my own competitive spirit resulted in me getting to Raleigh for free.


So did my bosses make the right decision to offer free vacations as an incentive to drive up productivity? Yes, I think they did. And the more I have researched this practice that more I have realised that free vacations business incentives are more useful then just promoting productivity in a company’s workforce. For example, if you have a potential client who is trying to decide whether or not to give you their business a great way to seal the deal is to offer a free vacations incentive to the potential client. Of’ course it is important to estimate correctly just how valuable that client is to you. You don’t want to give free vacations to clients who will not cover the cost of the free vacations in the long run.


Why would a free vacations package be so effective as an incentive? Well because what people long for is to travel and explore the world at their leisure. So many people work all year so that they can take that one vacation to an exotic place. So by giving the vacation for free, the sales person, potential client or lucky customer will get their heart’s desire without having to work for it. So by giving vacation certificate incentives you could boost sales by up to 30%. The great thing is that there are many companies out there that specialise in the free vacations certificates which will provide your business with the custom made certificates. Another benefit of the free vacations certificates is that if your business changes their minds and could just as easily sell the certificates.

Tips and comments

One thing is for sure is that my bosses at Sterling & Chatha will continue to use the free vacations as incentive to their sales team. And they are contemplating using them for senior management as well. Of course senior management will probably get to go to more exotic and expensive holiday destinations but the idea remains the same. Give the employees the incentive of receiving free vacations if they perform well at their jobs. I am really glad that they started this scheme because now I am able to add Raleigh as one of the places I been to. I had a blast in Raleigh which has a great nightlife, wonderful historical sites and a huge selection of museums. So my suggestion to other companies looking for ways to increase productivity is get a free vacations incentive as soon as possible and see increases in productivity.