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The Best In Edmonton - Top Restaurants For Vacations


Edmonton is one of the most prominent cities of the Canadian province of Alberta. For Canada, as a whole, Edmonton is a cultural hub. This city is also known as the ‘Festival City’ since admirable festivals take place here throughout the year. People from around the world are attracted to come for Edmonton vacations. This is also because this city has some of the world’s largest shopping malls like the West Edmonton Mall which is also renowned for its amazing food and thrilling nightlife. And if you are an art lover then this city offers at your disposal more than 60 galleries and public exhibitions which are bound to make you awe-stuck. Amongst these galleries the Art Gallery of Alberta and the 12-block Gallery Walk surely stand out as places that you simply should not miss while going on Edmonton vacations. Also, if you are a movie lover and love to dream then the Jurassic Park is the place for you.


It is famously know that the first explorer to come to the city of Edmonton was Anthony Henday in 1754. By 1891, with the establishment of a railway system, this region began to prosper as well as headed towards becoming a tourist attraction. Also, Edmonton’s affordable and cultivable land gave it a unique edge as compared to other cities in the West. Owing to this people from Europe, United States of America, Britain and other parts of the globe began to come here. But Edmonton’s rapid growth came in the 1900’s and this was primarily because its residents got involved in the business of real estate. Also, in 1905 it became the capital city of the province of Alberta. Gradually this city became a major tourist attraction. Today, Edmonton vacations are considered one of the most adventurous ventures and an experience that lasts a lifetime!


The restaurants of Edmonton are something that you should never even dream to miss if you are planning to go on Edmonton vacations. So if you are a nature lover and enjoy eating fresh meal with genuine ingredients then the Spaghetti Factory is surely the place for you. This is an amazing Italian restaurant with a unique ambiance. Also, the food served here is not only delicious but also affordable. Another exquisite place to eat at the city of Edmonton is the Bistro Praha Gourmet Café. This café has been making a difference in people’s lives with its delicious steaks and other food items. What’s more, if you love a live performance by some Polish dancers between meals then this is surely the place for you. Another cuisine that you simply cannot ignore if you are in Edmonton is: Homefire Grill. This Canadian restaurant is uniquely designed and its interior reminds one of ancient times. Moreover, the food is cooked right in front of you. So you can enjoy the delicious aroma of your food in the midst of eating the food as well.

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If you wish to give a treat to yourself and most importantly to your taste buds then going on Edmonton vacations is something only designed for you! Do not miss this chance at any cost.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/24/2012
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The Best In Edmonton - Top Restaurants For Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.