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Vacations And Leisure: Hotels Accommodations In Lithuania


Located in North of Europe, Lithuania is today an independent country and has now become a fast growing business and a commercial centre. It attracts many tourists, particularly to its capital Vilnius with its cathedral square and Gediminas Tower. Lithuania vacations are also popular due to the cheap package deals that the hotels there provide. The accommodations here are ideal if you are spending within a limited budget and offer all the basic amenities and facilities during your Lithuania vacations.


Lithuania is one of the formal soviet states namely Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Lumped together, these countries are surrounded by the Baltic Sea separating them from Sweden and Finland. However, today they are independent nations with their own cultural identity. One of the oldest cities to be established in Lithuania is Klaipeda, which is also the country’s only sea port. Visitors on their Lithuania vacations can avail facilities provided by some of its famous resorts like Nida and Palanga.


Lithuania is one of the main tourist attractions being home to the Gediminas tower which is located in the most ancient part of Vilnius and also the Cathedral Square known for its parades and street fairs and other entertainment that keeps you occupied during your Lithuania vacations. TV tower in Vilnius is the highest building in the country. Another place with historical importance includes the castle of Trakai. It is an island in a lake called Galve. A museum has been constructed on it after its renovation which features a variety of artistic items and crafts which attracts tourists who come for sightseeing and leisure. The country has a well maintained balance between the classic and contemporary values. The city has some of the best transportation facilities that include Mercedes Benz and also trolley buses as being their main transportation system.

Tips and comments

The peak season to plan your Lithuania vacations is in summer or spring. Hotel bookings are possible online and packages can be availed that provide great opportunities to save money along with a well planned trip. Discount prices are given during the peak season by hotels that flaunt a feel of of the old medieval period and depict the history the country is so proud of. They have the perfect artistic setting and are although low priced, do not compromise on quality. It is better not to visit the place during winter season as it can be harsh, unless you are looking for adventure and not a family oriented trip. Snowfall is ample and there is less daylight time. Since the country offers the famous and the beautiful Baltic Sea, it should be on the top of the visiting sites list. It is a good spot for relaxation and to get sun tanned. There are some gorgeous towns along the seaside where you can plan your stay. With the passage of time, Lithuania is rapidly developing its infra structure and renovating hotels, old buildings and shopping malls to make it a world renowned tourist place. Its hotel accommodations are popularly known to be one of the best.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/22/2012
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