Oregon Celebrates - 150 Years Of Southern Oregon Vacations!
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Oregon Celebrates - 150 Years Of Southern Oregon Vacations!

Published at 01/19/2012 14:04:35


Oregon Celebrates - 150 Years Of Southern Oregon Vacations!

It is a proud moment for Oregon to be celebrating 10 years of statehood and truly an honor. In Oregon you won’t be surprised to find the passion for independence and the love for all activities outdoor by the residents that thrive there. For this reason taking Oregon vacations might be a good idea and would mix your holidays up a little as well. Make a change, and go for something different this year since most people are likely to visit the same old places each year and this creates quite a rush and crowd. The people of Oregon are proud of their nation’s history and the culture that thrives there. There are so many gorgeous scenic beauties to be visited in Oregon as well that you won’t get bored anytime at all. Ask anyone who has travelled there; it truly can be a blast.


Oregon has an interesting history that a lot of history buffs out there would love to hear about and find as well the very first settlers in Oregon were known as the Taklimakan Indians. Their homes were built around the place amongst beautiful tall ever green trees and their water supply came from the fresh water of the Rogue River. Their staple diet also included healthy materials such as fish from the river as well various fruits and berries that grew on the fertile land. The southern Oregon tribe lived a simple and rustic life; away from the excitement of say other tribal traditions that included sacrifices and so on.


Oregon vacations are a great way for families to spend time together and make the most of their holiday time. This is largely because Oregon has some wonderful sites as well as various opportunities to spend the day together discovering and exploring the state of Oregon. Interesting aspects of Oregon vacations include the Rogue National Forest which has different trails that can be followed. These ultimately lead up to secret holes of water that end up in a falling mist of waterfall. Another alternative trail can lead you to follow alongside creeks of the Rogue River and this too through majestic old forests that have been there for years. The forests present a picture of such absolute lush greenery that one really wonders if this is a picture or a real forest. Even a small walk with your loved one on a slightly rainy morning say light drizzling can be the perfect start to your Oregon vacations. The oldest Ponderosa Pine tree in the world also resides in Oregon and on your Oregon vacations you might come across this tree as well via the same trails that were mentioned earlier.

Tips and comments

It would be a good idea to hire a tour guide that can show you around Oregon on your Oregon vacations as swiftly as any resident would. Since they know he area, they will be more likely to know the best tourist attractions, which short cuts to take and the some of the best cuisines in town as well.