Seasonal Florida Vacations Rentals
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Seasonal Florida Vacations Rentals

Published at 01/19/2012 14:02:46


Seasonal Florida Vacations Rentals

Florida is the hottest place to be right now if you are thinking of planning a vacation and when I say hot, I don’t mean temperature wise, it is the most glamorous place that you want to be if you are somebody and want to see and be seen.  When people think of Florida, they think about glamour, beaches and party it up till dawn on those beaches. Well most of you are right but not in the bad way. Florida has a lot to offer to all kinds of people and it is not just beaches and parties, although that is definitely the most fun part.


Around 12000 years ago was the time that people were first seen in the area that we now today know as Florida. The land was fertile, the weather was great and life was awesome on the land called Florida. The soil there was rich in reserves and had the tendency to support a lot of growth in terms of fruits and various types of vegetation. Wild life roamed around freely and the people back then hunted the animals for meat like any other tribe anywhere in the world. An interesting fact about Florida is that species that are called extinct today used to roam these areas, 12000 years ago. These include the Saber Tooth Tiger, and the Giant Armadillo. The sea level was lower as well which meant that Florida that we see today is smaller than what it originally was.


Florida is fondly known as the Sunshine State and you will probably discover why on your rentals vacations. The state has two major seasons that tourists follow and travel accordingly. When large numbers of people are seen flocking into the State at a certain time of the year is known as the tourist season and the first one occurs during the middle of December and goes on till the time of Easter. During this period large numbers of people fly in from different parts of the world to Florida for rentals vacations in order to bask in the warmth of the winter sun. these tourists are greeted by Florida on their rentals vacations with azure blue skies, clear as any sunny day, warm sunshine and a low level of humidity which makes it the perfect time to spend winter; away from the snow and the frost that they probably have back home. Online statistics have shown that for rentals vacations, prices for accommodation and other such aspects soar in the winter season because of the influx of so many people. Prices for these vacations also increase during the week of Thanksgiving and this is the busiest time of the year for residents of Florida. Same is the case for Christmas. The second tourist season begins in June when kids get off from school and parents start planning family vacations during that time. This goes on till the middle of August because schools usually open up by that time. During this time, the weather is said to be stifling in terms of tropical heat but you can also be subjected to gorgeous thunderstorms, however brief, during the afternoons which makes for a delightful treat.

Tips and comments

Always make sure you know the seasons when travelling for your rentals vacations to Florida and plan the trip accordingly. You might want to go to when there is not much rush and prices are not sky high if you are on a limited budget. This means that you need to avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas time!