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Most Popular Alabama Vacations Spots


For vacations Alabama is a popular vacation spot all year round but mostly during the summer season. Alabama is popular for spring breaks, business trips, romantic getaways, short breaks, extended vacations, etc. For vacations Alabama makes it high on most people’s list because of these reasons.



Alabama is rich in history and culture both and so there are many landmarks that one has to watch while on vacations there. Apart from the landmarks there are many other activities and places that one is attracted to and so comes for vacations Alabama is a complete package. These several activities include golf, fish hunt, hiking, heavy and dirt biking, etc.


While you are on vacation to Alabama, there are a few spots that you just have to check out. These include the national park which is a great recreational park. There is also the Rocket Park that is a must to go to. The place also has many other attractions like the lily room and the art gallery which is along with a tea room and has immense historical importance. The place also has the biggest coal mine which is visited a lot. The place has a museum which is very frequently visited and gets benefited by the tickets that people buy. There is also the Dolphin Island which can be visited while you while you are on vacation. It is an amazing experience watching dolphins doing several kinds of tricks. You can even go to the Delta Woods for fishing since it is one of the famous sports of Alabama. The charges of playing and fishing there are not that much and that is why many people come to visit the place every year. The first white house that was built is also present there and it is considered as one of the biggest landmarks of Alabama and millions of tourists come to visit the white house every year. The state of Alabama also has a number of beaches which are a great spot to spend your vacation. These beaches are the biggest attractions for visitors and during the holiday season when more and more people come for vacations Alabama beaches are full. People are here to sun bathe, surf in the water, make sand castles or just lie down in the sand. These beaches have a large number of resorts, restaurants and hotels situated there. These resorts provide rented rooms to people for staying and the rooms that are provided are really beautiful but they are a little over priced. The restaurants and shacks provide excellent food that is served at normal rates and are really delicious. The hotels present there have many resorts and several theme parks with them that are visited the most. The rooms provided by these hotels have clear view of the beach and you can see dolphins early in the morning.

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For vacations Alabama is attractive but expensive. However, if you take a package that is provided by the hotels there, then you can easily spend your vacation without going over budget.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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Most Popular Alabama Vacations Spots. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.