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Scotland Vacations With Scotland Castles


A part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a country which has beautiful landscapes and a flora and fauna of its own. Most importantly though, Scotland is internationally famous for its beautiful, expensive and historic castles which have become an integral part of Scotland’s heritage. Therefore, a visit to each of these castles is a must during one’s Scotland vacations to have the ultimate fun experience. Scotland vacations, without exploring the architecture of these castles, would seem to be almost pointless.


A tour of these castles during one’s Scotland vacations would inform them about the history and heritage of this country, all while enjoying the scenic beauty surrounding these masterpieces of architecture. The construction of most of these castles began in the 12th century and the designs of these castles started becoming sophisticated with time. Although these castles faced quite some damage at the hands of the English wars, reconstruction during the late 14th and 15th century adopted some changes with regards to any possible future warfare. Since these castles hold an important place in the history of Scotland, they are the main attraction for tourists coming to this country.


There are many castles in Scotland with interesting stories of their own, some even secretive, but there are a few that should be specially mentioned and visited during a tour of the country. On the top of the list is the Edinburgh Castle, situated in the capital Edinburgh itself. This castle is one of the oldest and most important castles in the country and has faced reconstruction and addition to its design over the centuries. The Scottish crown jewels, the ‘Stone of Destiny’ and the huge cannon called ‘Mons Meg’ have all been placed inside this castle, raising its value significantly. Stirling Castle located above and on volcanic rock tells the story of two battlefields of Scotland and has been renovated to reflect the history of the castle itself, as well. Thus, tourists should go to this castle for a trip through Scotland’s history. Moreover, the Eilean Donan Castle is a must-see due to its scenic beauty and unique setting. Scotland vacations for any tourist would be incomplete without a trip to the Glamis Castle in Angus. This castle is truly a magnificent piece of architecture circled by beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing mountains in the background. There is also the Dunvegan Castle which is no less than a narrator of the history and the clan legend of Dunvegan Castle. This castle has also been a home to the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod. Cawdor Castle, an addition to this list of architectural art, represents a mix of 15th century designing and architecture from older periods, attracting many tourists each year.

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As it is evident, Scotland may have breath-taking scenic beauty and landscapes but it is the castles of this country that reflect the true beauty and history of this place. They tell the story of the people who were once residents of this place and still remain to be so, through legends. After touring these castles, the exploring tourists will be left with a memorable experience and stories to share. And that is why the famous castles of Scotland are worth a visit during one’s Scotland vacations.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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